Moab Elopement With Surprise Helicopter Ride

Gabby and Layne went ALL OUT on their elopement day: from a sunrise hike to a surprise helicopter tour!

By Vanessa and Chad, ‘The Outlovers’, your Moab, Utah elopement experts.

October 7 2022

Make your elopement trip one to remember!

Gabby and Layne are both in the military and often spend time apart. So, when it came to planning their elopement trip they knew they wanted more than just a quick couple of days somewhere: they wanted the trip of a lifetime, something they could look back on and celebrate forevermore.

Well, we reckon a full month exploring all of Utah’s national parks checks that box! E.P.I.C.

We met G&L in Moab, just a few days into their trip. Already their minds were blown with the incredible beauty they were seeing! Moab will have that effect on you. It’s truly a place that gets under your skin and you just KNOW you’ll be back before long. It’s how we personally ended up living close by…

We began G&L’s day with an early morning hike to get out to a remote 100’ arch in time for sunrise. With not another soul in sight, G&L enjoyed a sweet first look and then shared beautiful vows – including a handwritten haiku! – just as the first hikers of the day started to appear. Gabby had brought a Moab postcard along for passers-by to sign as their ‘guestbook’: such a quirky, unique idea that led to some really fun interactions!

Later that day, Gabby surprised Layne in epic fashion; she’d only booked a private helicopter for HIM to fly!! His face as a helicopter came from nowhere and landed right by him was priceless. We’d been planning the logistics secretly with Gabby to make this happen and were so excited to see her vision come to life! 

After seeing their ceremony spot from above, G&L then cracked open beers and relaxed in the welcome desert shade for a while, before deciding that running through the creek was the best way to celebrate their day! We all laughed our butts off as they JUMPED into puddle after puddle! That’s the level of sheer liberation and exhilaration we like to see on an elopement day.

We wrapped up the day with cake and mimosas as the sun went down. The cake may not have survived the drive so well but nothing could detract from these two’s happiness so they scooped out chunks with their bare hands and tucked in regardless!

WHAT. A. DAY. Congrats G&L!!!!

We’re a husband and wife team offering elopement planning, photography and ceremony officiation, with an optional video add-on.

We are local to Utah and Colorado, and travel back to Vanessa’s home country of Scotland every year.

If the desert and the mountains sing to you, and you want to share vows and nature’s finest backdrops, we would love to create an epic elopement experience for you!

Get in touch to start brainstorming with us…

Chad & Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’

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