Hiking Elopement in the Colorado San Juan Mountains

For their hiking elopement, Jessie and Zach trekked 9 miles, scaled 3000′ feet of elevation gain and it was nothing short of EPIC!!!

By Vanessa & Chad, ‘The Outlovers’

27 September 2022

Jessie and Zach are the definition of a badass couple: strong, brave, adventurous…. Oh, but also adorably smitten and in love! From the moment they started wedding planning they knew a hiking elopement was on the cards. It’s just perfectly ‘them’.

When they first inquired with us, Jessie and Zach were planning a Moab elopement, until they chatted some more and came to realize that being by the water was an integral part of their relationship and they really wanted to bring that element into their hiking elopement day. And, well, ummmm, the desert ain’t the best place for water!

So, Moab quickly evolved into western Colorado! Literally the BEST place for a hiking elopement. The mountains here are breathtaking and the views are simply incomparable.

They also knew they wanted to tackle something BIG for their hiking elopement: overcoming epic challenges together is 100% their ‘thing’ and they knew they wanted to work hard for their elopement day views! 

*** Music to our ears ***

We’d had our sights set on an incredible hike near Silverton for a long time, but were waiting for the right kinda couple to take it on: it’s definitely a ‘Type 2’ fun vibe, and most couples would NOT enjoy it. We’re talking 3000’ of elevation gain, reaching almost 13k’. For Jessie and Zach, they knew they’d found their spot!

We set off in the dark to reach killer views in time for a magical sunrise first look, then we marched on to the top, to be greeted by a perfect blue lake for them to share their private vows by. We’ll only ever tackle big hiking elopements super early in the morning and this day was a prime example of why: by the time we headed back down, storm clouds were rolling in on the horizon and we could hear ominous thunder. This is SO typical of Colorado summer weather – bright mornings, stormy afternoons – and is NOT to be messed with. Time to get off the mountain!

*** This is why it’s SO important to work with someone who knows the area well for your hiking elopement. ***

After our descent, J&Z then met with their parents for a super sweet, sentimental family ceremony. They celebrated with a champagne toast in their cute camp mugs and took some quiet time to read letters from their children back home. Tears all round!!

J&Z, this hiking elopement was a DREAM: our legs may have hated us afterwards, but our hearts were so full of joy to have witnessed your love!

If you think a hiking elopement might be right for you, take a read through our ‘How To Plan A Hiking Wedding’ blog.

And if you’re loving Jessie’s stunning dress, you might want to check out Grace Loves Lace: their dresses are works of art and, being super stretchy, are PERFECT for a hiking elopement.

We would love to create an epic elopement experience for you! We provide planning assistance, photography and officiation for adventure-seeking couples across the US and worldwide. Get in touch to start brainstorming with us!

Chad & Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’

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