Sunrise elopement, Tennessee. The couple sit side by side on a rocky ledge, overlooking a winding river below. Morning mist fills the valley and they look to be floating on clouds.


Do you feel your relationship thriving as you hit the open road? Your connection deepening with every experience you share?

Yeah, we hear ya.

Travel and exploration will be a lifelong passion of ours. More than just a hobby: our entire reason for being.

We LIVE for discovering new places and LOVE feeling totally and utterly lost in the best way possible. 

We are always ready to travel for destination elopements and super small weddings. We even have special offers for bucket list destinations that we think would make for epic elopement locations!

As your destination elopement wedding photographers, we bring years of REAL travel experience to the table. 

We don’t just dream about this kind of stuff. 

We get out there and DO it.

Your Wedding Travel Experts

Exploration is written into the DNA of our relationship.

We met on a tiny island in Honduras, and then spent five years working as scuba divers in Indonesia and Fiji before finally ‘settling’ in the US. Not so settled, really: we spend a LOT of time on the road!

Between us, we’ve traveled to something like 50 countries and plan ALL our travels from scratch ourselves. We’ve hiked in Nepal, camper-vanned around New Zealand, summited Kilimanjaro, trekked to Machu Pichu, swum with humpback whales in Tonga…. Oh, and we eloped ourselves in South Africa!

A bride in a short wedding dress jumps up and wraps her legs around her husband as they share a passionate kiss on a rugged mountain overlook.

We don’t say all this to boast.

We say it so you can have confidence in us as your destination elopement photography team.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that we have the skills and experience support you every step of the way.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a destination elopement. 

With us taking on a lot of the planning legwork, you can ditch the stress and overwhelm and truly ENJOY the whole process.

Ok, let’s dream big: 

Sit back, close your eyes and picture that moment when you and your partner finally share your vows together.

REALLY picture it.

Where are you, what does it look like??

Sunrise wedding. At their Colorado elopement, the couple sit by an alpine lake and enjoy the sunrise which is casting a golden glow over the mountains.


How about we show you around our local stomping ground of western Colorado and the Moab region of Utah?

Can you picture yourself sharing your vows at a pristine Alpine lake in the mountains? Or as the sun sets over red desert canyons?


Shall we meet on the road somewhere wild and wonderful in the US?

The US is so varied and has soooooo many beautiful places to choose from. We’ve explored all over and can recommend some gorgeous locations. You just have to decide if you want mountains, forest, desert, ocean….


Want to take your love on an adventure to the ends of the earth?

How about the black sand beaches of Iceland? The fjords of New Zealand? Or the rainforest of Costa Rica?

Vanessa is originally from Scotland: so, if you fancy a romantic elopement in the moody Highlands, we know just the place.

We don’t believe in hidden costs.

We know it SUCKS to get all excited about something and then find out you can’t afford it coz there’s six billion add-ons they ‘forgot’ to tell you about.

So, in the name of keeping things simple, all of our packages include OUR travel expenses:

We will take care of our own flights, visas, rental cars, hotels etc. As long as your location(s) can be reached by commercial flights and a 2wd car. (If you want us to join you on a private helicopter charter to your mountaintop ceremony then, yeah, you’re gonna need to cough up for that!)

We will even offer you a discount if you want to join us in a place we’re already going to be! Seems only fair since our travel costs will be minimized.

North Cascades, Washington, mountain elopement. The couple walks hand in hand towards the camera, with an enormous snowy peak rising behind them.


Because we’re lifelong travelers ourselves, we have a (never-ending) ‘bucket list’ of places we’d love to work as destination elopement photographers. If one of these places sings to you, you’re in luck: we offer a $500 discount on each of these international locations.

Snap it up quick though, as we only offer one discounted rate per location. And then we switch it out for somewhere new!

  1. PATAGONIA:SOLD!!!! We’re going to be in Patagonia January 2023. Contact us to join, travel discount applies!
    This place blows our teeny little minds and is absolutely number 1 on our adventure travel list. We NEED to see those rugged mountains and we NEED to shoot a beautiful elopement there! We simply will not let this life pass us by without going there. Who’s joining us? 
    We LOVE New Zealand and have spent two months camper-vanning around both the north and south islands. Every single corner we turned wowed us with yet another perfect spot for an elopement adventure.
    World class wine and safari, need we say more?! Having eloped ourselves near Cape Town, we know the magic this beautiful country has to offer and would love to share it with you.
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