Let’s take your love around the world…

  • Escape day to day life and go on an international elopement ADVENTURE you’ll never forget.
  • Make memories that will last you a lifetime.
  • Do something truly unique for your wedding day.
  • Enjoy an elopement and honeymoon all-in-one.

Meet your International elopement experts

Do you feel your relationship thriving as you hit the open road? Your connection deepening with every new experience you share? Yup, us too.

Travel and exploration will be a lifelong passion of ours. More than just a hobby, it’s our whole reason for being. We thrive on the energy and ‘chaos’ of unknown places!

As your destination elopement photographers, we bring a huge amount of real life travel experience to the table: we’ve been to 50+ countries between us, and have lived long term in 10. We don’t say this to boast. We say this so you know you’re in good hands.

Whether you dream of the rugged Icelandic landscape, the tropical beaches of Central America, or the history and culture of Italy, we’re here to make your dreams a reality.

We are ALWAYS ready to hop on a plane for destination elopements! Even if you’re not an experienced traveler yourself, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we have the practical expertise to support you every step on the way.

“Chad and Vanessa kept everything so simple. Throughout the planing process, we stayed excited and completely at ease knowing we were fully taken of. I can remember telling people how relaxed I was feeling! Our day was absolutely perfect. We felt like we had known Vanessa and Chad for years, and we just had a blast the entire day. Watching their dynamic throughout the day was a joy as well. We could tell they absolutely LOVE what they do and truly cared about us.”

– Emily + Daniel

Does Scotland
sing to youR SOUL?

With it’s moody glens and ancient castles, Scotland is the home of rugged, wild romance and we’d love to share it with you.

Vanessa is from Scotland originally – she spent the first 20yrs of her life there – and we now go back every June. We know the country inside out: the most famous spots that you’ll no doubt want to see, but also the lesser known gems that most tourists don’t make it to.

Having someone who knows the place like a local, but who is in the same country as you during the planning process, is a dream.

There’s no battling with different time zones, no language barriers (have you TRIED understanding a strong Scottish accent?!), and no cultural differences when it comes to customer service expectations.

We’ll take great care of you throughout the whole process and will be ready to act as your unofficial local tour guides once we hit the ground in Scotland!

Or how about a bucket list location?

with a major discount!

  • NEW ZEALAND. We spent two months camper-vanning around both islands and have SO many spots we’d love to share. Best December-February.
  • SOUTHERN AFRICA: SOUTH AFRICA, BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA. Having eloped ourselves near Cape Town, we know first hand how much beauty is on offer! Best December-February.
  • COSTA RICA. From the beaches to rainforest, this country wows at every turn. Best December-April.
  • PATAGONIA…. SOLD! New location coming soon.

All of these ‘bucket list’ locations are places we’ve already traveled to personally and would now love to share with our couples.

We are offering a $750 discount ONE TIME ONLY for each location!

We don’t believe in hidden costs!

We know it sucks to get all excited about something only to find out there’s a billion add-ons they ‘forgot’ to tell you about.

So, in the name of keeping things simple, all of our packages include our own travel expenses.

We will take care of our own flights, hotels, rental cars etc. That’s something you don’t need to worry about!

So, the price you see is the price you pay.

We will even offer you a discount if you’d like to elope in a location we’ll already be. Only seems fair!

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