By Chad and Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’: your elopement and small wedding photography and planning assistance team.


How much does it cost to elope? We break down all of the costs of eloping and provide realistic sample budgets, whether you’ve got five grand or twenty-five to work with!

You most likely know that eloping is typically waaaaaay cheaper than having a traditional wedding: according to The Knot, the average US wedding costs a whopping $34,000 USD.

But what does that MEAN for you and your partner? 

You’re probably asking yourselves:

“How much does it cost to elope and what can we actually DO with that amount of money?”

We are going to break down elopement costs and share multiple inspiring, realistic elopement budgets to help you envision what YOUR dream day might look like. 

We’re going to take a range of budgets – from $7,000 USD to $30,000 USD – and show you multiple elopement experiences, reflecting a variety of personalities and priorities.

We’ll also share some great ideas for killer locations, awesome activities and ways to make your day extra special. 

From a day of hiking close to home, to a weekend break in the desert with your favorite people, right through to a ten-day elopement and honeymoon camper-vanning trip around New Zealand… We’ve got no end of inspiring ideas for you! We hope by the end of this, you’ve got a much better sense of what it costs to elope.

You could, if you wanted, elope for the cost of a wedding license and an Uber to your local courthouse. So, the basic answer to ‘how much does it cost to elope?’ is something like ‘a hundred bucks’.

However, that’s not the kind of elopement we personally believe in. You deserve SO. MUCH. MORE. than that.

We want to show you what a really epic, fulfilling elopement experience can look like. Full days filled with love, adventure and celebration.

We believe in celebrating fully on the day you get married – HOWEVER you choose to do so – and we strongly believe that couples deciding to elope deserve to treat themselves just as much as those opting for more traditional weddings.

Mountain sunset elopement. The couple share a kiss as the setting sun casts an 'alpen glow' on the towering mountain behind, turning the rocks and snow a beautiful pinky golden hue.

$7,000 USD would very much be at the lower end for a ‘normal’ wedding. Of course, you could absolutely elope for less than this but we think that’s a super fair starting point to build out an INCREDIBLE elopement experience.

Some couples decide to go all out and invest $30,000 + in the absolute experience of a lifetime: flying to a far-flung destination or really spoiling their absolute closest family and friends.

$30,000 USD might seem like a whopping amount of money to spend on ‘just’ an elopement. 

But, why not?! 

If ‘normal’ couples are allowed – even expected – to do this for the ‘average’ traditional wedding, why shouldn’t eloping couples feel free to do the same? We can guarantee they’re going to get a LOT more bang for their buck if they do.

This would very much be at the ‘luxury’ end of the elopement budget scale, however: it is absolutely NOT necessary to spend this amount of money to have an epic elopement experience.

Ok, we’re going to confess something…..

We do NOT believe in eloping JUST to save money.

Sure, it’s an awesome bonus factor, but you must be sure you’re designing a wedding experience you actually WANT.

Any bank balance can support your style of wedding if you get creative: you CAN have a big wedding on a small budget.

So, if you want a big wedding, have a big wedding!

Do not elope because you feel like you have to for financial reasons: that’s a sure fire way to elopement regret.

You should only elope because it’s truly, honestly your number one choice.

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How much does it cost to elope? Let’s breakdown the different costs of eloping.

Before we go into the nitty gritty details of how much it costs to elope and what you can do with your elopement funds, we want to take a general look at the kind of things you might need to pay for.

Below is a list of the things you MIGHT choose to spend money on for your elopement day and some points to consider for each.

Marriage License

This elopement cost is one of the few non-negotiables but fortunately it’s negligible (less than $50 USD typically). 

You just need to consider your timing: is it important for you to get legally married on the day or are you happy to do the paperwork side of things before or after?

Wedding Permit

To be allowed to wed in a national park, for example, you will need to organise and pay for a permit in advance. 

As part of our planning assistance, we can help you with this!

Every park is different but you can expect to pay $50-200 for this. A wedding at Arches National Park in Utah, for example, costs $185 for a ‘special use permit’. Pretty cheap for a wedding venue really!


It’s a common misconception that eloping means you can’t have any guests. 

Not true: you can absolutely invite a few family and friends if you want to! 

When you’re determining ‘How much does it cost to elope’ just remember to factor this additional cost – food and drink, for example – into your budget.


Are you eloping super close to home or do you need to factor items like flights and car hire into your budget?


Are you going to spend the night somewhere for your elopement? 

Turn it into a mini break, a multi-day adventure or even an elopement AND honeymoon combined? 

Do you want super fancy or are you going camping?!


Most of our couples are pretty happy with ‘the great outdoors’ as their venue! 

But maybe you want a cute AirBnB to get ready in, or perhaps you want to rent out a space at your favorite brewery to hold a little reception for friends and family?

Food and drink

Do you want to organise a celebratory champagne toast (or some great craft beers if that’s more your thing!).

Is a cake in the ‘not necessary’ or ‘MUST have’ column?!

Would you like a sit-down dinner? Maybe a private chef?

Attire + accessories

Do you and your partner want new dresses/suits/jumpsuits or are you happy to wear something you already own? 

Would you consider second-hand, saving the planet AND your budget? 

Do you want haute couture or super simple?

You might enjoy reading: Top Ten Flowy Wedding Dresses


Are florals important to you? 

Some brides ask us if they can even have a bouquet if they’re eloping… ummmmm, heck YEAH! You can have whatever you want. 

Be aware if you’re getting married somewhere like a national park, there may be rules on what types of flowers you’re allowed to bring in. We can advise on this!


Most couples opt for rings but you certainly don’t HAVE to! 

Maybe you’d rather just swap gifts, or maybe you’re more the ‘ring tattoos’ kind of people. 

Remember, it’s YOUR choice. 

If you do want a ring, you’ve got a ton of choices: precious metals, wood, even silicone!

Hair and Makeup

Are you happy to do your own styling for your elopement (we’re all about the wild and free look!) or would you like a pro to pamper you on your big day?

Will they come to your AirBnB while you get ready or do you need them to hike to the top of a mountain with you? Yes, we know folks who’ll do that for you!


Obviously, we’re biased – we deeply BELIEVE in what we do – when we super-recommend that you hire a photographer who specialises in elopements. 

Insider secret: hire them for longer than you think you need! This allows for a super-relaxed timeline with no stress and pressure.

Your day will whizz by quicker than you thought possible and they will capture all the moments and vibes you want to remember forever.


Whether it’s two minutes or twenty, we think it is important to hold some form of ‘ceremony’ as you share your vows. It brings a certain gravitas to this poignant moment. We include optional customized officiation in ALL our packages.


As your elopement photographers we are also your unofficial planning assistants: we help you figure out travel, accommodation, location, timeline etc. If you’re having a super intimate elopement we usually find you don’t need a separate planner. Especially since there’s two of us, we can handle a lot of the logistics!

However, if you’re bringing along friends and family and/or are planning something more elaborate for your day, we would likely advise hiring a planning professional to oversee that.

Fun activities

This is the best bit!

What would you like to actually DO on your elopement day?? 

The possibilities are truly endless: you could have a leisurely in-home brunch, go hiking, take a helicopter ride, enjoy a luxury spa session, explore a foreign city…..

Ok, so do you want to know the really cool thing here? 

The only item that is actually essential in all of this is your marriage license. 

So the answer to ‘How much does it cost to elope?’ is actually very flexible!

You could simply ditch any of the elements that aren’t important to you and either save that cash or redirect it elsewhere in your elopement budget, really splashing out on the things that do matter to you.

There is no ‘one wedding fits all’ budget when it comes to planning your day: different couples will have different priorities.

The great thing about eloping is that YOU get to choose exactly how you distribute your money, stress-free. 

There’s no worrying about offending Aunt Sally if the linens aren’t of a suitable quality, or stressing that allllll your guests might feel offended if you don’t provide fancy enough favors.

YOUR day, YOUR choices.

So, the cost of eloping is really up to YOU.

How Much Does It Cost To Elope: 8 Detailed Examples 

These fully itemized budget examples are designed to inspire you and are totally customizable.

You could easily take ideas from several and blend them together into your own perfect elopement.

We’ve tried to consider a range of location ideas, a range of personalities with different priorities and a wide range of activity ideas.

We’ve broken it down into four different budget categories – $7-8k USD, $10-13k USD, $15-18k USD and $25-30k USD – with two contrasting options for each one.

If your personal budget falls between these numbers, look at the budget BELOW for inspiration.

That way, if you’ve got money to spare you can have fun ADDING IN some extra special items, rather than feeling like you have to cut back on a budget that is too high for you.

We’ve tried to be as detailed and realistic as possible, accounting for every little thing that would cost money in these scenarios. 

In our multi-day itineraries, for example, we’ve included a ‘daily budget’: unassigned cash to cover all the little things that add up like food, entry tickets, fun activities, souvenirs etc.

*** How much does it cost to elope? Please note that all costs given here are approximate and may well fluctuate. These breakdowns are intended to serve as inspiration only. ***

After their same-sex wedding, two brides in flowing white dresses cuddle close together and look out over a lush green forest in North Carolina.

*** Couples come in all varieties – we hate the assumption that there’s always a ‘bride’ and a ‘groom’ – so please stay aware that things like outfit, hair and makeup and floral costs may vary depending on your personal situation. ***

How Much Does It Cost To Elope: What Could My Day Look Like With A $7-8k Budget?

$7-8k Elopement Costs Option 1: a full day of adventure in your home state

We’ll join you anywhere in the US, just name the time and place.

Let’s meet bright and early for a sunrise ceremony in the mountains. You can share vows as the sun lights up the horizon, then we’ll explore the area taking epic pics of you and your new HUSBAND/WIFE along the way.

How about a private horse-riding tour? Followed by a romantic dinner, celebrating your newly-wed status.

Sit out under the stars before snuggling up in your cozy AirBnB to spend your first night together as a married couple.

Wedding License $50
Our Half-Day US-wide photography package, with complimentary ceremony officiation$5500
Private Horse-Riding Tour$400
Faux Florals from Etsy$100
Two wedding outfits and accessories. Check out places like BHLDN, Lulus and Men’s Wearhouse$1000
Silicone rings from Enso$60
One night AirBnB$200
Dinner Out$200

$7-8k Elopement Costs Option 2: home state adventure with a few family/friends 

Bring your absolute nearest and dearest and spend the whole day adventuring and making memories with them.

Hike, bike, bar hop, explore the local tourist scene – whatever suits your vibe – all day long, then head out towards sunset to share your vows at your chosen spot. We’ll be there to capture the magic.

Pop into the local (carefully vetted!) tattoo shop to seal your commitment with ring finger tattoos.

Treat all your guests to a fun dinner out; eating, drinking, laughing and toasting the newlyweds!

Wedding License$50
Our Half-Day US-wide photography package, with complimentary ceremony officiation$5500
Two wedding outfits. Check out places like BHLDN, Lulus and Men’s Wearhouse$1000
Two mid-size fresh bouquets$350
Ring tattoos$200
Dinner and Drinks for 6$900

With even a (relatively) small amount of money you can have an incredible elopement experience, tailored to suit you perfectly.

Weddings don’t have to be EXPENSIVE to be EPIC!!!

You need to decide what is most important to you – do you want to bring guests, do you want fancy attire, do you want expensive rings etc. – and construct your budget around those personal priorities.

Good news! If you want to elope in Colorado or Utah, you can take a good chunk off the above costs. Our local packages start at $3500.

How Much Does It Cost To Elope: What Could My Day Look Like With A $10-13k Budget?

Now things start to get really fun as we’ve got a few more $$$ to play with! 

When people ask ‘How much does it cost to elope?’ this is probably the ballpark figure we’d give them to have a REALLY epic time. Remember, this isn’t the budget for the simple act of getting married, it’s the budget for designing a full EXPERIENCE with EVERY little cost thought of.

To get your imagination rolling, we’re going to look at two options with travel included: one national and one international.

$10-13k Elopement Costs Option 1: A California Adventure With Your Best Friends

You could have a fabulous weekend in the Joshua Tree National Park area with your two closest friends. 

With this amount of money, you can easily afford to splash out and treat all four of you!

Fly into LA, grab a hire car and head to the desert.

Put yourselves and your friends up in a glamping yurt, sleeping beneath the stars, or go retro in a cool converted airstream.

On the morning of your elopement, set off on a hot air balloon ride, your heads truly in the clouds!

Enjoy a private yoga class followed by a decadent champagne breakfast.

Once you’re feeling truly relaxed and connected with each other, share your vows – with your friends as witnesses – amongst the quirky cactii of Joshua Tree as the sun sets on a perfect weekend.

Wind up the perfect day by treating yourselves and your friends to a decadent, celebratory dinner.

You’ve got us for a cool ten hours for this one so we can capture all the fun activities as well as your beautiful elopement ceremony. And we’ll totally explore the park together, capturing epic shots amongst the huge rocks and those weird cacti!

Marriage License$40
Wedding Permit Joshua Tree National Park $120
2 return flights to LA$600
Car hire for 3 days$300
Our Full Day US-wide Photography Package, with complimentary ceremony officiation$7,200
Daily spending budget of $200$600
Two wedding outfits. Check out places like BHLDN, Lulus and Men’s Wearhouse$1000
Two simple wedding bands from Etsy.$500
Glamping accommodation for 3 nights, 4 people$1,200
Celebratory dinner and drinks for 4$600
Hot Air Balloon ride for 2$600
Private Yoga class$200
Champagne Breakfast$150
TOTAL$13, 110

$10-13k Elopement Costs Option 2: A Scottish Road Trip Adventure

We’re taking you and your love on a road trip around Vanessa’s home country for this one. 

Fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow, pick up a rental car and hit the open road!

Drive around this spectacular, romantic country, staying at a cute bed and breakfast every night.

Spend your elopement day visiting a castle, frequenting a local whisky distillery and exploring the stunning Highlands. 

We’re going to hang out with you all day to capture the whole adventure. We can be up early for sunrise, adventure all morning, take an afternoon nap, then meet again for sunset!

Let’s hike out into a moody, green glen to share your vows, with your groom decked out in a kilt and a lone piper playing to the wind.

Toast your marriage with a shot of fine whisky!

US marriage license (we highly suggest doing the legal part back home)$40
Flights for two to Edinburgh/Glasgow$1,500
Bed and Breakfast accommodation for 4 nights$800
Car hire for 5 days$500
Our International Full Day Photography Package, with complimentary ceremony officiation $8100
Daily spending budget of $200$800
Dress from Show Me Your Mumu $200
Kilt Rental$200
Simple Bouquet + boutonniere$150
Lone Piper for Ceremony$200
Good Bottle of Whiskey!$100
Celebratory Dinner$250
TOTAL$12, 840

Small wedding costs are just so much more manageable than when you have 100 guests to budget for! As you can see, for just $10-13k of elopement costs you can have the most incredible EXPERIENCE, making memories that will last a lifetime. 

How Much Does It Cost To Elope: What Could My Day Look Like With A $15-18k Budget?

$15,000 – still less than half the cost of an ‘average’ traditional wedding – is a GREAT budget for an elopement and you’ve got a ton of choice on how to spend it.

You could spoil yourselves rotten close to home or you could head overseas for an epic, international adventure.

Remember you can always mix and match ideas based on your personal tastes, investing in the the elopement costs that matter to YOU.

$15-18k Elopement Costs Option 1: A Luxury Elopement With Your Nearest And Dearest

Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you have to go super simple on everything. 

If you enjoy elegance, romance and a little indulgence and are wondering how much it costs to elope in THAT kind of fashion, well, this budget breakdown is for you!

Rent a gorgeous, large AirBnB in the countryside close to home for at least two nights: this way you can relax on your wedding day, without having to travel.

We’ll join you for a full day, up to ten hours: we’ll even split that into two stints if you prefer, to capture the moments you care most about.

Get your hair and makeup professionally done and treat yourselves to incredible wedding outfits.

Gather with friends and family on the beach, in the forest, on the mountain top – whatever sings to your soul – and walk down the rose petal aisle while a violinist plays your favorite instrumental.

After sharing your vows, celebrate with a champagne toast for you and all your guests.

Spend the evening relaxing all together in the large garden of your AirBnB. 

We’ll help you find a rental company to set up an al fresco dinner – we’re picturing fairy lights and long wooden tables – and hire a private chef to take you to the next level of dining; a decadent three course dinner with wine pairing for you and your guests.

Marriage License$40
Accommodation for 2 nights$800
Violinist for ceremony$200
Our Full Day US-wide Photography Package, with complimentary ceremony officiation$7,200
Wedding outfits from somewhere like Grace Loves Lace or Wear Your Love XO$3,000
Decadent florals$1000
Champagne toast for 10$100
2 gold bands from Brilliant Earth$1,000
Hair and Makeup $300
Rose petal aisle$100
Dinner rentals/styling$1,500
Private Chef, 3 courses with wine pairing$2,000
‘Day-of’ coordinator to set up and oversee dinner$1000

$15-18k Elopement Costs Option 2: A 10 Day New Zealand Elopement AND Honeymoon Adventure

We’ve spent two months road-tripping around New Zealand and it is the BEST!

Fly into Auckland or Christchurch, pick up your camper van and enjoy the incredible ‘freedom camping’ scene across this beautiful country. 

You can actually get by on very little cash – there’s so much natural beauty and free outdoor activity – but we’re budgeting plenty for all the cool activities that New Zealand has to offer.

In the days leading up to your elopement, go on a vineyard tour, hang out with Bilbo Baggins at Hobbiton, check out the magical glow worm caves or hit up the huge adrenalin sports scene.

On your elopement day, you’ve got us from sunrise to sunset, capturing all the magical moments.

Wake up and get ready in your homey little camper van. 

Take a private helicopter tour to and from your mountain top ceremony site.

Take your cake with you and cut it on top of the world after you share your vows.

Spend the rest of the day wining-and-dining and celebrating with the friendly locals!

Round up your elopement by ditching the camper, treating yourselves to one night of luxury accommodation, complete with a hot tub ‘with a view’.

We will adventure alongside you all day, capturing your whole international elopement to share with friends and family back home.

US License (we highly suggest doing the legal parts in the US)$40
Flights for 2 to Auckland/Christchurch$2,500
Camper van rental for ten days$1,500
Daily budget of $150$1,500
Our International Full Day Photography Package, with Complimentary Ceremony Officiation$8,100
Wedding outfits from somewhere like Wardrobe By Dulcinea on Etsy and/or Men’s Wearhouse$1500
Private helicopter$700
Small cake from local baker$100
Celebratory dinner $200
Suuuuuuper luxury wedding night accommodation (incl. Star-gazing bath tub!)$900
TOTAL$17, 540

How Much Does It Cost To Elope: What Could My Day Look Like With A $25-30k Budget?

What can’t you do with $25,000?!?!

Seriously though, this is a super generous budget for an elopement and you have a huge amount of choice on how to spend it. When asked ‘How much does it cost to elope?’, this would be at the very high end of our answer, and it’s certainly not necessary to have a great experience.

However, if you’ve got the budget, why the heck not?!

How you allocate that money really depends on what kind of activities you enjoy, what level of luxury you envision for your wedding day and how far afield you want to adventure.

We’re going to contrast a ‘larger’ elopement (15 people) in the US with a ‘just the two of us’ extravagant elopement overseas.

$25-30k Elopement Costs Option 1: A 10-Day South Africa Safari Elopement AND Honeymoon Adventure

We LOVE South Africa and find ourselves going back there again and again. In fact, we chose it for our own elopement destination in 2019!

Fly into Cape Town and stay at a luxury hotel in the Camp’s Bay area to enjoy a couple of days revelling in all this vibrant city has to offer.

We will join you on the second day, capturing memory-making pics as you climb Table Mountain, take a trip to Robben Island and visit the botanical gardens.

The next day, we’ll head into the Cape Winelands together (we know this area well and can’t wait to share it with you!). 

We’ll explore the striking mountains until you find the perfect spot to share your vows! 

Celebrate with a picnic and wine tasting session at one of the MANY gorgeous wine estates!

Spend another few days in the Winelands: eating, drinking, hiking, relaxing and just revelling in your love.

Now for the real ‘honeymoon’: make the short flight to Johannesburg and set off on a four-day all-inclusive luxury safari at one of Kruger National Park’s private concessions: elephants wandering on by while you have breakfast is not out of the question and you’ll for sure see a ton of exciting creatures – giraffe, zebra, lions, hyenas etc – as you venture out on multiple ‘game drives’.

Flights for two to Cape Town$3,000
Car hire 6 days$300
2 nights at the 12 Apostles hotel $800
Our International Day And A Half Photography Package, with Complimentary Ceremony Officiation$9,800
Daily budget of $200$1,200
4 nights accommodation in the Winelands region$1,600 
Boschendal Wine Estate picnic for two$100
Custom made wedding outfits, from somewhere like Grace Loves Lace, Rue de Seine or Canali$3,000
Rings from RAW by Olivia Mar$1500
Flights to Johannesburg + private transfer to Kruger$1,000
4 days all inclusive luxury accommodation in Kruger National Park $8,000
TOTAL$30, 300

$25-30k Elopement Costs Option 2: A 2-day Luxury Mini-Break in Moab With A Group of 15

Meet your favorite people for three days/two nights of fun in the adventure capital of the south-west, Moab, and spoil them – and yourselves – rotten. 

Moab is pretty much in our backyard and, we may be biased, but we think it’s one of the BEST places to elope!

With 2 national parks nearby (Arches and Canyonlands), gorgeous red rocks AND impressive mountains nearby, this place is irresistible and will make for an elopement to remember!

Arrive early on your first day and settle into your glamping tents! With everyone staying together, it’s going to create a really fun, cozy vibe. 

That afternoon, relax and have fun with a private group jeep tour of the surrounding area. 

Then maybe a little sunset hike at one of the parks!

Wake up early on your elopement day and we’re going to join you for sunrise: we’ll take you out the impressive red rock arches to enjoy a sweet first look and share private letters and gifts, before re-joining everyone else for the rest of the day. 

Have fun exploring the local area and, by late afternoon, we’ll meet with you again as you prepare for your ceremony: we’ll head into Canyonlands for your sunset ceremony overlooking the seemingly infinite canyons.

That evening, enjoy a private dinner prepared for you and your guests: al fresco, enjoying the heat of the desert, all sat at one long farm table full of flowers and with fairy lights and candles galore. 

Cut your cake, share toasts and speeches around the campfire, then dance the night away – beneath the stars – in your boho dream of a dress!

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ITEMCOST (in US dollars)
Flights for 2 to Moab$800
Car rental for 3 days$450
Marriage License$40
Special Use Permit to marry in Canyonlands$185
Our Local Full Day Photography Package, with Complimentary Ceremony Officiation$4,900
Luxury wedding outfits$4,000
Wild boho bouquet$300
Under Canvas Glamping 2 nights, 15 people$7,500
Jeep tour for 15 pax $2,000
Rings from Alex Russell$2,000
Rentals & Florals for dinner$2,000
‘Day-of’ Coordinator for evening set up$1,000
Catering, 15 pax @ $150$2,250
Two Tier Wedding Cake$500
TOTAL$27, 925

So, how much does it cost to elope?!

The answer is it really depends on what YOU want from your day. The actual cost of eloping is really flexible and dependent on what you envision for your day and what things are important to you. 

For as little as $7,000 you can have an EPIC elopement experience!

We hope you can see that there is a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to how much you’d like to budget for your elopement and how you would like to allocate that money. 

With a traditional wedding there is so much pressure and expectation surrounding the things you ‘have’ to have: you MUST spend money on flowers, you MUST spend money on a big venue, you MUST spend money on X, Y, Z.

An elopement, on the other hand, is liberating and freeing: you get to pick and choose.

If you don’t care for flowers: ditch them. If you adore flowers: go all out!

So, ‘How much does it cost to elope?’ doesn’t have an EXACT answer.

Do whatever YOU want!

Whether you want to spend $5,000 or $50,000, we can help create the most incredible elopement experience for you. 

We have already traveled to all of the places we’ve used as examples in our budgets and we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to traveling and planning out trips. 

Remember, all these budgets are for inspiration: use your imagination and dream BIG!


Photography, planning assistance, ceremony officiation.

Hey! We’re Chad and Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’. 

We’re an adventurous Colorado and Utah elopement photography team, adventuring with couples across the US and worldwide.

We create epic elopement experiences for adventure-seeking couples who find their deepest connection in the great outdoors. 

We provide planning assistance, photography and ceremony officiation. Get in touch to start brainstorming with us!

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