Colorado + Utah elopement packages

We’re a husband and wife team offering planning, photography, ceremony officiation and optional videography.

Want to keep this simple? We got ya!

“I don’t know how to explain it
But today changed my soul”

Those were the parting words from Tim when we wrapped up his and Nicole’s sunrise to sunset elopement day and, oooft, did it stick with us.

Because THAT’S what we want for you all.⁠

We believe your elopement day should be an experience so immersive, so connective and so grand that it leaves you in awe… Of the world around you, of the love that you share and of the never ending potential that this life together will bring.⁠

Your wedding day should be an experience that gets deep into your soul and stays there.⁠

Despite what all the popular wedding blogs might tell you, you do NOT have to follow some standard ‘wedding planning recipe’ to have a beautiful, meaningful day.

When you block out the noise and listen to your heart… What do you actually want?

Do you want a deeply-connected, meaningful experience in the heart of nature, with the focus on you, your partner and the love that you share?

Do you want an adventure?

If you’re the kind of couple that would rather ditch the fancy venue and have pizza and beers in the middle of nowhere as the sun sets on a day full of love and adventure… Well, you’re in the right place!

Planning an elopement can feel overwhelming, we know

So, let us help you!

Hey, we’re Chad and Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’.

When you work with us, you’re not just hiring a couple of photographers who are going to rock up on the day, take some pretty cool photos and then head home.

Heck no!

You’re signing up for the adventure of a lifetime with two people who care DEEPLY about the way you get married.

Our biggest desire is to support the couples who aren’t interested in the nonsense the big wedding industry has drip fed us all our lives, the couples who envision something more than just ‘going through the motions’ on their wedding day!

We know exactly what you’re going through as you embark on this elopement journey. We eloped ourselves in South Africa and planned the whole shebang ourselves. We won’t lie, it was… A LOT.

That’s why we’re going to take the planning weight off your shoulders and plant it firmly on our own, so you can relax and enjoy the whole process.

“Vanessa and Chad made our elopement day more incredible and personal than we could have ever dreamt up ourselves. They made the planning process a breeze. They truly listened to us and made the day not ‘Instagram-perfect’ but perfect for us. We laughed until we cried, cherished every bit of our full day adventure and walked away with beautiful photos we can’t believe are us. Vanessa and Chad are some of the dopest, most down to earth humans we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.”

– Gabby + Layne

Why hire a couple as your elopement photographers?

  • No awkward third wheel situation! It can sometimes feel a little weird having just one other person tag along on the most intimate day of your lives. With two of us, it’s more of a super fun double date vibe!
  • We have VERY different creative eyes, which means more variety in your photos. It’s amazing how one beautiful moment can be interpreted in such different ways!
  • We can offer fully personalized ceremony officiation. There are many solo photographers out there who will sign your license, but they can’t logistically lead your ceremony and take photos at the same. We can!
  • You have the option to add on a mini video to your photography package, too.
  • With our Colorado and Utah elopement packages, this whole thing can really be as simple as the two of you and the two of us!

Just so you know:
it ain’t wrong to want this day for yourselves

The truth is, it’s ok to be ‘selfish’ on your wedding day and, if you don’t want to invite guests to your elopement, you don’t have to.

The reality is that any number of guests – whether that be 20 or 200 – can detract from the focus of your day: you and your partner. We’ve seen it happen all too often.

Rather than playing host on your wedding day, you and your partner should be fully immersing yourself in the experience, forging truly solid memories to last you through this life together.

We deeply believe it’s 100% OK to save this moment for yourselves.

Don’t let anything take away from the magic of your day.

Five easy steps to make this happen…

  • STEP 1: Check out our Colorado and Utah elopement packages below then get in touch so we can line up a free consult call where we can brainstorm together and dream big. If you’re feeling ready to rock n roll, we’ll lock you in with a contract and retainer.
  • STEP 2: We’re going to help plan the heck out of your elopement. Locations, vendors, permits, timelines etc… We got ya!
  • STEP 3: You have the time of your lives! Your elopement day is here and it’s going to set your soul on FIRE. We’ll photograph alllll the magic AND lead a heartfelt, personalized ceremony for you.
  • STEP 4: We share your killer images with you so you can relive your day forever-ever. You’ll have a sneak peek within the week!
  • STEP 5: We’ll help you order prints and an heirloom album if those are of interest to you. Oooft, imagine turning the pages of your very own love story!

Here’s what you’ll get with all of our elopement packages

  • From 4hrs to multi-day coverage from two photographers, capturing different perspectives. It’s amazing how one moment can look and feel so different!
  • The option to add on our ‘mini video package’.
  • Fully personalized ceremony officiation. While Chad continues to shoot, Vanessa will lead a ceremony written just for you and legally marry you.
  • Personal guidance to design your dream day: location suggestions, travel advice, permitting assistance, vendor recommendations, activity suggestions and a day-of timeline.
  • Access to tons of resources to guide your planning journey: our ‘how to elope guide’, emails with all our tips n tricks, our ‘personalized ceremony guide’ and our ‘Leave no trace guide’.
  • Unlimited communication via email, text and zoom.
  • All of our travel fees included, no hidden extras.

let’s talk the details

Colorado and Utah elopement packages

starting at $4800

Want to bring your love on an adventure out West? We’re talking places like:

MOAB (home to Arches, Canyonlands and tons of hidden gems)

ZION NP (adventures for days)

OURAY + TELLURIDE (mountain magic and alpine lakes galore)


US-wide elopement packages


The US is PACKED with natural beauty and you have so many amazing options, including:

ALASKA (glacier landings, hello!)

HAWAII (tropical, baby!)

WASHINGTON (mountains AND ocean, yes pls)

WYOMING (rugged peaks galore)

Worldwide elopement packages


The world is your oh-so-exciting oyster! We travel a LOT and would love to share places like:

SCOTLAND (Vanessa’s homeland, we go every June)

PATAGONIA (wild, rugged beauty like you’ve never seen)

EUROPE: ICELAND, NORWAY, ITALY (history, culture and landscapes to die for)

NEW ZEALAND (Lord of The Rings brought to life)

“The Outlovers expertly guided us through every step of our elopement planning process! We had no idea where to begin, but they made the entire process feel easy and totally stress-free. When our wedding day arrived they only got more amazing! Their chemistry with each other is beautiful: they worked so well together to capture the special moments of our day with artistry, not missing a single detail. They made us feel completely comfortable… so comfortable in fact that there were moments that we felt like we were the only two people in the world.”

– Cheri + Austin

You don’t have to be getting married
to have an adventure!

Aside from our Colorado and Utah elopement packages, we also offer ‘adventure sessions’ for proposals, engagements, honeymoons… And ‘just because’. 

Photo coverage starts at two hours, and we’ll help you plan out your outfits, activities, locations… You just need to turn up and have a blast!

*** Please be aware that adventure sessions can NOT to used for sharing vows: your wedding day deserves more love, preparation and attention than that. ***

Please reach out to us for a custom quote for your adventure session.

Let’s do this thing!


Take a look through our FAQ, and head on over to our blog for a ton of free planning advice.

10000000000% YES. We’re sorry we live in a world where this even has to be asked. We welcome all couples who resonate with what we offer!

We specialize in ‘just us’ elopements but we DO take on just a handful of super small groups each year (up to 15 people max), as long as we feel confident that we can plan an experience that still keeps YOU at the heart and center.

We know your pup is like family, and we’re super happy for them to join the celebrations.
Just let us know in advance so we can choose a dog-friendly location for you.

The beauty of an elopement is that you get to CHOOSE what stays and what goes.
If there are elements of a traditional wedding that ring true to you, that you find meaning in, then of course you should include them in your elopement.
Whether it’s a first dance, someone walking you don’t the ‘aisle’ or a cake cutting you just let us know and we’ll be sure to find a fun way to incorporate it into your day. 

For contractual reasons, we will need to know a very rough location but we can fine tune and pinpoint it closer to the time. And if you change your mind completely, and Colorado becomes Patagonia or Utah becomes Scotland, don’t worry: we can adapt for that no problem!
We WILL need to know your date when you book so we can reserve it for you and make our travel plans. We can help you figure out a date that works best for all of us.

‘Bad’ weather means different things to different people.
For some, rain is the worst thing ever, for others it’s moody and romantic.
Some people adore the snow, others hate it.
So, the first thing we’re going to do is find out what kind of weather you would LIKE in an ideal world on your elopement day. And we’ll choose your location partly based on that.
If you HATE intense sun, we’re not going to take you to the desert in August!
Beyond that, we find being prepared makes a huge difference.
So, we’ll make sure you’ve got all the right clothing and gear for the weather we anticipate.
And then, as long as it’s safe, we get out there and adventure come rain or shine! Embracing what the elements throw at you is all part of the fun on your elopement day.
Of course, if the weather is anything like unsafe we will absolutely adapt our plans: either turning to a back-up location (we always have a Plan B, C and D!) or adjusting the day/time if all our schedules allow.

‘Adventure elopements’ have become synonymous with ‘hiking elopements’ when, actually, they’re NOT the same thing.
Sure, an adventure elopement CAN involve hiking but it doesn’t HAVE to.
Hiking is not everyone’s vibe and that’s cool: whatever ‘adventure’ means to you, we’re in!
And don’t worry, you can 10000% get those stunning natural landscape views without a trek. 

How cool is that?
Seriously though, that’s kind of the point of choosing to elope. You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs or expectations: you can plan a day around you and your partner and all the things that make you happy.
You could hike, set off on a road trip, go snowshoeing, relax in a super cute Airbnb, bathe in a natural hot spring, go off-roading, explore a national park, travel to a new country, go on safari, go on a helicopter tour….
Heck, jump out of a plane if you want to!
Spend some time daydreaming with your partner. What’s on your bucket list? What makes you smile? What’s your favorite way to spend time together?
Check out this blog post for 100 epic elopement ideas!

If you’re doing it right, YES!
Your outfits are going to be a physical manifestation of all the FUN you’ve had adventuring on your wedding day.
Dirt, leaves, twigs, water, sand…. They all just LOVE to hang out with you on your elopement day!
And we think that’s fabulous.
If you’re going to wear that outfit one time only, then wear the HECK out of it!

Unless you’re a professional model, then OF COURSE you’re awkward in photos.
Who isn’t?!
But the great thing? We’re pros at working with said ‘awkward’ couples.
Everything you see on our website and Instagram is an image of a REAL couple in a REAL moment.
We’ll be right there, giving you guidance and encouragement – we’ll never leave you feeling lost and not knowing what to do – but we’re also not going to ask you to strike a horrible, unnatural pose.
That’s not our style!
We’re much more about creating a super-relaxed, safe-feeling environment where you and your partner feel at ease and free to be yourselves.
You can read more about our photography philosophy here.

Looking for some planning inspo?