Of course you are!

Unless you’re a professional model or international celebrity, it’s not ‘normal’ to have a camera pointing at you.

BUT, trust us, you don’t need to worry. Coz here’s the thing….

What if we told you that you and your partner actually already KNOW how to pose for photos, that you’ve been practicing for this moment your entire relationship?

Sounds crazy, we know, but think about it…

If we ask you to snuggle up for a little hug, you KNOW exactly where your bodies fit together like missing puzzle pieces. And if we ask you to hold hands you KNOW exactly which way feels ‘right’ and which way is just weird.

Isn’t that kinda cool?

So, breath easy, you got this. Just trust in the love that you and your partner share and keep doing what you’ve always been doing together.



Nope. There is no trick. Truly.

It’s actually easy!

There’s just two things you need to do:

1. Bring your truest selves to the table, whether that be silly and goofy, or quiet and serious. There’s no ‘right’ way to behave or try to look in photos. So, be brave, be vulnerable, and allow us to capture the real you.

2. Commit to having the best time of your lives. Plan a day you’re truly EXCITED about and then revel in every single second that day has to offer you. Enjoy each other’s company, soak in the scenery, have a blast trying out some new activities….

If you can do these two things, then just leave the rest to us. We got ya!

"Vanessa and Chad make the picture taking process so easy and organic, nothing felt forced or fake. One piece of advice they gave us that I really liked was to exist inside our own "bubble" and act like we normally would with one another. This allowed us to shake off the formality of "wedding portraits" and capture our true selves. I don't usually like pictures of myself, but I can't stop staring at our photos! They truly capture the magic of our day."
Morgan and Peyton


Oh, thank goodness… Us neither.

In fact, if you’re the couple who wants to spend your entire wedding day modeling and ‘striking a pose’ for Instagram-worthy photos, well honestly… You might actually be in the wrong place!

We’re probably NOT the team for you.

We know that sounds strange coming from professional photographers, but here’s the really important thing…

Those OH-SO-PERFECT posed photos actually aren’t our priority.

YOU are. Your EXPERIENCE is.


You experience above all else.

Our philosophy is that awesome photos are the direct result of you having the BEST. TIME. EVER.

And trust us, if you’re getting married in the wilds of Colorado, Utah or beyond it’s impossible NOT to have a blast.

We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure your day is filled with love, fun and adventure.

We want you to be way too busy having the time of your lives to even think about striking a pose for photos…

And, actually, that’s how the best photos are made.

Every single image you see on our site is REAL: real couples, having a real good time. So, if they can get stunning photos, so can you.

"Before our day we were so nervous thinking about how to pose and thinking about what looks good and what doesn’t. But Chad and Vanessa chatted to us before starting everything and basically told us to have fun, reminded us that this is our wedding day and we deserve to enjoy every second, and that we know what feels right and what doesn’t. They really made us feel comfortable and we ended up having such a blast. We could go on and on about how great The Outlovers are but you just have to meet them to understand how amazing, loving, and supportive they are."
Lari and Danny
"When it comes to posing, Vanessa and Chad will not micromanage you and turn the day into a long photo shoot. But they will not leave you out to dry either! Instead, they perfectly set up a little situation or moment and then let you “live in it” together. Our photos convey so much love and emotion that it makes me remember those moments and how I felt then. The biggest problem we have is choosing which pictures to hang on our wall!"
Dani and Marcos