Top 10 Flowy Wedding Dress Designers

We share our secrets on where to find those perfect, ‘swoosh in the breeze’ kind of dresses.


1 March 2021


You’ve all seen the pics: those gorgeous images with the bride’s dress billowing beautifully in the breeze. It’s just DREAMY.

We LOVE seeing a carefree bride embracing the elements as she shares her vows on a rugged cliff overlooking the wild ocean, or on a mountaintop with the wind whipping around her.

But where the heck did she find that perfect flowy wedding dress?!

The good news is that more and more wedding dress designers are opting for light, flowing fabrics to create stunning yet comfortable dresses, rather than the traditional rigid, hard to breath in concoctions of the past. 

Ethereal, romantic and effortlessly beautiful, these dresses are perfect for the bride who likes to wander barefoot in the sand, or dance freely under the stars!

We’ve done a ton of research and here are our Top Ten – in no particular order – designers/stores to consider if you want to find a dreamy, flowy wedding dress for your big day. 

We’ve tried to allow for a range of budgets and styles. Recent prices are listed BELOW each dress and may fluctuate.

** We update this list regularly but it may be that the exact dress we’ve suggested is no longer available. STILL CHECK OUT THE DESIGNER! We’ve deliberately chosen designers who specialize in flowy wedding dresses so you’ll have many more options to choose from. **

** Dress images are taken from the designers’ websites and are not our own**


BHLDN (pronounced ‘beholden’) is a boho-lovers dream. 

They have a huge selection of gorgeous flowy wedding gowns, including plus size and last minute options.

Starting Price: around $300

Top Tip: use the drop-down menu and select ‘romantic’ to fast track you right to those dresses with swathes upon swathes of light, flowy fabric.

Our favorite BHLDN flowy wedding dresses:

INSIDER SECRET: BHLDN often has big sales several times a year. If these gowns are a little out of budget, check out their sales section for some KILLER deals.

TOP DESIGNER 2: Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell is an Australia based designer who ships all over the world and has several stockists across the US. 

An Anna Campbell number doesn’t come cheap but her voluminous, flowy gowns turn every woman into an instant goddess!

Starting price: $2500 AUD (approx. $1900 USD).

Top Tip: check out her sample sales to sneak a SERIOUS bargain!

Our favorite Anna Campbell Flowy Wedding Dresses:

Jamie Summer Chiffon Gown

$3799 AUD (approx. $2900 USD)

Amelie Draped Sleeves Gown

$4899 AUD (approx. $3750 USD)

Eden Empress Gown

$5799 AUD (approx. $4450 USD)


This online store offers up some really stunning dresses at super-affordable prices. 

If you doubt the quality, don’t! We’ve seen these dresses in person on our brides and they’re LOVELY.

Starting price: $150

Top Tip: you can try these gowns on at home before you buy for just $15!

Our favorite Azazie flowy wedding dresses:

TOP DESIGNER 4: Grace Loves Lace

This cult-status Australian designer has online ordering as well as showrooms across the US. 

GLL gowns are known for being captivating, sexy and yet effortless.

Starting price: $1100 USD.

Top Tip: GLC has a huge range of dresses, from extremely figure-hugging to loose and flowing. Look for ones that billow out from the waist if you want that ‘flowy’ effect.

Our favorite Grace Loves Lace flowy wedding dresses:

TOP DESIGNER 5: CocoMelody

This budget-friendly shop has so many beautiful, flowy dresses to choose from, your problem will be picking just one.

Starting price: $100

Top Tip: there’s a LOT on offer. We suggest using an ‘A-line’ filter to get that romantic silhouette. Or a ‘cost’ filter if you have a budget in mind.

Our Favorite CocoMelody Flowy Wedding Dresses:

Ines Gown


Alexa Gown


Mandy Gown


TOP DESIGNER 6: Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall is one of our favorite wedding dress designers: her creations are not only uniquely beautiful, they’re also ethically made.

Recommended Reading: ethical wedding attire blog

Starting price: $2100

Top Tip: Leanne Marshall designs many white dresses but, to us, what makes her stand is her extraordinary use of color in some of her gowns. Check out her colorful, billowing dresses in the dropdown menu and prepare to be wowed! Just imagine THOSE dresses blowing in the wind.

Our favorite Leanne Marshall flowy wedding dresses:

Simona Gown


Vanya Gown


Wyoming Gown


Wowsers, this designer knows how to do VOLUME! Her epic creations are made for the bold bride, not afraid to stand out.

Starting price: $500

Top Tip: if you’re nervous about buying from an Etsy seller, check reviews. This designer has sold over 2000 items and has a glowing 5-star track record!

Our favorite Wardrobe by Dulcinea flowy wedding dresses:

TOP DESIGNER 8: Wear Your Love XO

These soft and dreamy dresses focus on luxury and wearability, with the designer priding herself on the lack of clasps, zippers and boning!

Starting Price: $600

Top Tip: add in a long veil to make these dresses ever more ethereal

Our favorite Wear Your Love XO flowy wedding dresses:

TOP DESIGNER 9: Daci Gowns

Made from the finest silks and laces from around the world, Daci gowns are truly a work of art. The designer strives to “embody the spirit of a romantic, boho and adventurous bride”. We’d say she’s mastered it!

Starting Price: $2400

Top Tip: to take your ‘swoosh factor’ to the next level, add a Daci bridal cape or set of long shoulder sleeves. That extra fabric blowing in the breeze will look INCREDIBLE!

Our Favorite Daci Flowy Wedding Dresses:

These super affordable custom-made gowns are GORGEOUS and have incredible reviews.

Starting price: $180

Top Tip: don’t be afraid to contact the seller if you have any questions about how to take your measurements or possible custom details you might like to add or change. Better to ask than be disappointed!

Our Favorite Vicky Mermaid Bridal Flowy Wedding Dresses:


Wow, what a selection to choose from! 

Hopefully this has inspired you to find your own perfect flowy wedding dress for your wedding day. Just imagine sharing your vows with one of these stunning gowns whipping in the wind!

Remember, we update this list regularly but it may be that the exact dress we’ve suggested is no longer available. STILL CHECK OUT THE DESIGNER! We’ve deliberately chosen designers who specialize in flowy wedding dresses so you’ll have many more options to choose from.

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