100 Unique Elopement Ideas to Make Your Day Special

Looking for elopement inspiration? Ways to make your day special? Here’s our best ideas on where to go, what to do and how to celebrate…

By Chad and Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’: we’ve planned and photographed something like 100 elopements and have so many epic elopement ideas to make your day unique, special and FUN!


So many couples come to us knowing that they like the general IDEA of eloping but are unsure about what it all means.

What should you do on your elopement day?

How do you make an elopement special?

What are some unique elopement ideas?

We understand it can be HARD to think outside the confines of a traditional wedding and really open your minds to the infinite possibilities of eloping.

But here’s the really cool thing: your elopement day is a completely blank slate and you have the opportunity to make it even MORE special than a typical wedding day. 

With fewer people to organize and fewer moving parts to coordinate you have the time (and the cash!) to really do something amazing and unique on your wedding day.

In fact, you can do whatever the heck you want on your elopement day.

That’s exciting… But also kind of overwhelming, right? When you can do ANYTHING, where do you even start?!

Don’t worry, we’ve put together this list of 100 elopement wedding ideas to serve as a starting point and to get your imagination running wild.

We hope that something on this list of unique elopement ideas jumps out at you and you’re like ‘YES, THAT’S IT! That’s what I want to do on my elopement day.”

Happy day-dreaming!

Elopement Ideas: Food and Drink 

Food and drink plays a massive role in our sense of celebration. If you want your elopement to feel special, definitely incorporate some yummy elements into your day. Check out these food and drink elopement ideas for some inspiration!

Cook breakfast together

What’s your total dream, decadent, I-don’t-give-a-f**k breakfast? 

A mountain of pancakes? Waffles? Bacon and eggs with endless buttered toast?

Whatever it might be, cooking it together in your PJs is a really sweet way to start the day.

AND it will fuel you up ready for the adventure ahead!

Enjoy a hot toddy or ‘coffee with a kick’: what a fun elopement idea!

Whether you’re up before the sun, or staying out for the stars, a warming drink with a ‘little something extra’ is a fun way to spice up your elopement day.

It feels like a special little luxury we don’t tend to treat ourselves to on a ‘normal’ day.

Pack a charcuterie board picnic

We love elopement day picnics: they’re so cozy and romantic. Better yet, you’re not confined to a house or restaurant to enjoy your celebratory food charcuterie-style.

So, load up a board with all your favorites – meats, cheeses, olives, crusty bread – and find somewhere beautiful to lay out your picnic blanket.

Enjoy a wedding cake/pie/cupcakes/donuts/cookies….

Damn right you can elope and still have a wedding cake. Or whatever sweet treat takes your fancy!

In fact, with fewer guests you can have a bigger slice!

Grab a pizza and beers (best elopement idea EVER!)

The great thing about eloping is that you can do whatever the heck you want.

So, if pizza and beer is your favorite thing ever and that’s what you want for your wedding day meal… Then go right on ahead and do it! You wo’nt hear anything but encouragement from us.

Treat yourself to a fancy restaurant

If fine dining is more your vibe, well, there’s never been a better time to treat yourself.

That special restaurant you’ve aaaaaalways wanted to go to but haven’t coz it’s kinda pricey? BOOK IT.

Hire a private chef

Romantic three-course dinner on the deck of your secluded AirBnB?

Ummm, yes please.

Hiring a private chef is a great elopement idea to up the ante and really make your day feel special. 

Enjoy an al fresco dinner beneath the stars

We’re picturing a beautiful old wooden table in the garden of your mountain chalet, laden with delicious foods and flowers and candles and…. Ohhhhh, STOP! Too romantic for words. 

Make s’mores around the campfire

Cuddling up around the fire is a perfect way to end your elopement day and what’s more fun than melting marshmallows together? Who can get the gooeyest?!

Cook atop a mountain!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to elopement ideas. So, if enjoying a feast with 360 degree views is you’re jam, we’ll make it happen for you!

Whip up a signature cocktail

It’s so fun to create a cocktail that’s meaningful to your own relationship. Maybe it includes your favorite spirit that you like to enjoy on special nights out, or reminds you of a vacation you enjoyed together.

Enjoy a meal with family

Maybe you’ve decided to elope with your absolute nearest and dearest in tow. If so, an intimate meal together can be a really special idea to celebrate. Just make sure someone else is doing the cooking: you deserve a day off!!

Sample the local cuisine

If you’ve traveled somewhere new for your elopement, it’s a fun idea to check out anything that is unique or special in the area. Our best advice is ask a local!

Check out this cool article for a list of distinctive foods in each of the US states!

Elopement Ideas: Cool Activities

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind when they’re planning an elopement is what do we actually DO on our elopement day?! With all the structure and traditional activities of a ‘normal’ wedding, how do we fill the time? Here’s a few unique elopement ideas to serve as inspiration.

Check out the local area

If you’ve traveled for your elopement, spend some time exploring.

Maybe there’s a cool national park nearby?

Or a cultural tour you’d like to join?

A wine-tasting session is NEVER a bad idea…

Any of these unique ideas could be incorporated into your elopement day to make it super-special and memorable.

Get tattoos together! Not an elopement idea everrrrrryone loves but….

If you’re a fan of getting inked, this is such a meaningful way to commemorate your nuptials. You could get the date in roman numerals, or something significant to your personal relationship.

Take a class together: such a unique elopement idea!

Learning something new together is always a great bonding experience and makes for a really unique elopement experience.

You could start your day with a private yoga class, or could try rock-climbing, a cooking class… Anything that feels interesting to you.

Oooooh, how cool would it be to do a jewelry making class and make your own wedding rings?!

Catch the sunrise or sunset (an ESSENTIAL elopement idea in our opinion!)

In our humble opinion, sunrise and sunset are just the most magical times of day. 

We HIGHLY recommend getting yourselves somewhere beautiful with killer views for one, if not both, of them on your elopement day.

You might enjoy reading: How To Plan A Sunrise Ceremony

Laugh yourself silly going dune-boarding

If you’re into a little adrenalin kick, dune-boarding is a BLAST! Fair warning: you’re GOING to eat sand and your outfits ARE going to get beat up.

Plan for an epic first look

We think getting ready separately – whether that be in separate rooms in your cabin or on opposite sides of a tree on top of a mountain – really builds up a sense of anticipation. 

Allowing time for a first look somewhere beautiful helps time to really stand still for just a moment on your elopement day.

Winter elopement idea: play in the snow!

Throw yourselves down and make snow angels with your new spouse.

Return to a spot that holds special memories to you

Really want to make your elopement day special?

Return to a place that holds deep meaning to you.

Maybe where you went on your first date, where you shared your first kiss, or where you talked about this being forever for the very first time…

Take a hike (one of our favorite elopement ideas!)

For the outdoors-loving couple, getting out into the heart of nature is a no-brainer on your elopement day. 

It’s where you come alive and where you feel most connected to each other.

Whether it’s one mile or ten, a hike is an exhilarating way to make your elopement day memorable.

You might enjoy reading: How To Plan A Hiking Wedding

Incorporate your personal hobbies

Yoga, board games, disc golf….. Whatever it is you most enjoy doing together, don’t be afraid to bring that to your elopement day. The more ‘you’ your day feels, the better.

Lounge around in a natural hot spring

If you can combine this with the aforementioned hike, then you’re REALLY winning.

The Ouray region of Colorado is a STUNNING location for a mountain elopement and has some great hot springs.

Have a campfire on the beach

Lapping waves, sparks jumping from the fire, the moon rising above the ocean.

Need we say more?!

Go off-roading

Don’t wanna hike? No problem! You can still get the killer view without the effort.

You might find this a helpful read: How To Plan A Jeep Wedding

Wild card elopement idea: Go star-gazing

If you’re lucky enough to be in a sufficiently dark area AND have a clear night sky, then take advantage of that good fortune: lay outside, snuggle up in a blanket and gaze at the stars together.

Not everyone’s up for staying out this late, but if you are there’s something very special and heart-achingly romantic about contemplating your place in the universe on your first evening as a married couple.



This isn’t an elopement idea in its own right, obviously, but it’s such an important concept that we thought it deserved a place of its own on this list.

There’s a bazillion and one cool activities you could enjoy on your elopement day to help make it feel special and unique. 

Every couple will be different in what feels like fun to them.

The important thing is that you DO allow yourselves to indulge in things that you wouldn’t normally and spend the whole day really making memories that will last a lifetime.

Elopement Ideas: Wedding Attire/Accessories

The average US wedding costs around $35k these days. Since you’re likely not spending anywhere near that, don’t be afraid to treat yourselves when it comes to your outfits. You’re going to feel like a million dollars and your photos are going to be KILLER!

Splurge on the dress of your dreams!

If you’ve got your eye on a super special gown just DO IT! And if you’re struggling with the expense, check out Still White to find it lightly used at a fraction of the cost.

Jazz up your ‘look’ with beautiful florals

We LOVE florals, whether live, dried or faux. They add such a pop to your outfit and bring that element of ‘special’ you’re looking for on your elopement day. So, don’t be afraid to go big on bouquets, flower crowns, pocket squares, boutonnieres etc.

Trust us on this elopement idea…. Get the veil!

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of getting a veil, we say do it! Even if you don’t wear it all day, but just for a few special photos, it will add some serious wow factor to your elopement outfit. They’re just so FUN!

Customize your outfit

It can be really fun to add a little personalization to your outfit so it really feels like ‘you’. Maybe that’s your new name embroidered onto a jacket or ‘Just Married’ embroidered onto your Converse sneakers.

Don’t be afraid of color

If you don’t want to wear a white wedding dress, that’s totally ok. And if you don’t want to wear a dress at all, also ok! Wear what makes you feel GOOD. We love a sharp suit and a pop of color.

Add some sentimental items if you like

It can be lovely to wear/carry some little mementos that remind you of your loved ones, either no longer with you or not present on the day. This could be a photo charm on your bouquet, a family heirloom piece of jewelry or a piece of meaningful fabric sewn into your dress.

Elopement Ideas: Go Exploring Within The US

The US is so diverse and so beautiful and we think it’s a great idea to get out exploring for your elopement. As part of our planning process, we’ll take the time to get to know you and create a personalized list of location suggestions. For now, here’s just a handful of our personal favorite spots for elopement inspiration:

Enjoy the desert in Moab, Utah

This is one of our very favorite places of all time for elopements. That red desert is irresistible.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Your Moab Elopement if the desert is calling you.

Explore the rest of Utah!

Utah is a truly special state. There’s SO much to see and do. Go on a road trip and explore all the national parks: Arches. Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Oh, and don’t even get us started on all the lesser known hidden gems…

If you want to know more about Utah elopements, you can read our full Utah Elopement Guide here.

Check out the majestic San Juan mountains, Colorado

When people think of a Colorado elopement, they automatically think of Rocky Mountain National Park.

But there is SO much more to this beautiful state.

The San Juan mountains to the west are remote and rugged and SPECTACULARLY beautiful.

We’ve written a whole guide on How To Elope In Colorado if that sounds like fun to you!

Enjoy varied landscapes in Washington state

Check out the Olympic Peninsula’s dramatic beaches and dense rainforest, then head to the North Cascades for incomparable mountain views.

Drive the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park

And while you’re there, hike the Highline Trail.

Keep your eyes open for bears, bighorn sheep and mountain goats!

Elope in some of the wildest mountains you’ve ever seen.

Go deep into the forests of North Carolina

The green, lush forests of North Carolina make for a beautiful elopement location.

And nearby Asheville would make for a great place to celebrate afterwards!

Appreciate the quirkiness of Joshua Tree National Park, California

Can you picture yourself sharing your vows amongst those wacky cacti?

We think some of the best elopement ideas begin with a place and then develop from there.

Enjoy the ocean on the California coast

Dramatic coastlines, gorgeous beaches. And good wine country nearby!

I think we’re on to something….

Venture all the way to Alaska

Imagine visiting Denali National Park, home of North America’s largest peak, for your elopement. Mountains, glaciers and insane wildlife viewing.

How special would that be?!

Play in the sand at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Yup, Colorado doesn’t only have mountains. It has freaking sand dunes!!

Visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson is super-cool, buzzing little town with lots of great places to eat and cool activities to get involved in.

Plus nearby Grand Tetons National Park is home to some of the most majestic mountains we’ve ever seen, which we think would make for a really special elopement experience.

Elopement Ideas: Go Exploring Overseas 

What better time than your elopement adventure to grab your passport, pack your bags and head to the ends of the earth together?

If you’re not an experienced traveler, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve spent a lot of our adult lives living and working overseas and will be right beside you through the planning process.

Check out our destination elopement packages here.

Road trip around Scotland

Scotland is such a small country, you can see so much in just a few days.

Can you imagine sharing your vows in the Scottish Highlands or on the Isle of Skye?

You might like: our Ultimate Guide to Your Scotland Elopement

Rent a campervan in New Zealand (we’ve tested out this elopement idea ourselves, so fun!)

Drive around the North and South island, checking out the glaciers, mountains and fjord-like ‘sounds’.

There’s also a bunch of fun adventure activities to make your elopement special and unique!

These rental vans from Quirky Campers have been done up SO beautifully.

We are currently offering a $500 ‘bucket list’ discount to one adventurous couple who wants to elope in New Zealand! GET IN TOUCH if you and your love want to wed in this wild, rugged landscape.

Trek Patagonia

Patagonia is every outdoor enthusiasts bucket list DREAM. We shot two elopements in Chilean Patagonia in 2023 and would go back in a heartbeat. Those mountains are incomparable!

Check out Iceland’s black sand beaches

Iceland is one of the top destination elopement locations for good reason.

It is other-worldly: wild and dramatic and too beautiful for words.

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Let’s go!

Go on safari in South Africa (we chose this elopement idea for our own wedding!)

South Africa is one of our favorite countries and would certainly make for a special elopement.

You could hang out in Cape Town, enjoy the winelands then head to Kruger to go on safari. Which is EXACTLY what we did for our own elopement!

You might also enjoy reading: Planning Tips From Our Own Elopement Experience

Immerse yourselves in culture in Europe

Check out Prague, Paris, Vienna, Rome….

Or get into the mountains in the Italian Dolomites or the Austrian Alps.

Feel tiny in the Norweigan fjords

What an epic landscape for a super unique elopement.

If you get lucky, you might even see the northern lights!

Trek the rainforest or scuba dive in Costa Rica

SUCH a lush country with so much to see and do.

Did you know it’s considered the ultimate eco-friendly destination?

Check out the ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru

Nothing like pondering an ancient civilisation to bring a bit of wonder and magic to your elopement day.

Trek the Himalayas in Nepal

Find yourselves literally on top of the world with this special elopement idea!

You’ll work hard to share those vows somewhere unique but, ohhh, it will be worth the effort.

Elopement Ideas: Make Your Ceremony Special

Your ceremony is the absolute focus of your elopement day: you’re finally going to share vows and commit yourselves to each other forevermore. If you’re worried it isn’t going to feel special enough without the big crowd of a traditional wedding, don’t be! We’ve got lots of unique ideas to bring some magic to the moment.

Write your own, personal heartfelt vows

It’s not easy, we know, to put your feelings into words.

Check out our top tips for writing your own wedding vows if you need some help.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, write them somewhere EPIC

If the words aren’t flowing sitting in your living room, get out in nature! We 100% guarantee that the majestic landscape will help you gather your thoughts.

Have a handfasting ceremony

With ancient traditions, this beautifully symbolic act binds lovers’ hands together with a cord and unites them forevermore. 

We think it’s a really special element to include in a modern day elopement.

Plant a tree together

We’ve seen couples choose to plant a tree together after they’ve shared vows and we think it’s a super unique and beautiful idea. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re creating something that will grow and flourish alongside your marriage.

Blend your own wine (we feel pretty excited about this elopement idea!)

We love this unusual unity ceremony!

Blend and bottle your own wine then save it for your first anniversary. After you’ve taste tested it a few times, of course!

Or beer if that’s more your style!

As part of your ceremony, you can blend two beers together to make a new one, symbolizing the joining of your lives. Then cheers three times: once for your past, once for your present and once for your future!

Read letters from your friends and family

If you’re not bringing guests to your elopement you can still include them by asking them in advance to write you letters to read on your special day.

Have family bless your rings (an elopement idea we included in our own ceremony)

If you’ve chosen to have loved ones at your ceremony, you can pass around your rings and ask everyone to bless them before you go on to exchange them with each other.

You could even do this in advance if you’re not bringing guests along.

Imagine all that good energy locked into your rings forever!

Seal up a time capsule

You can add anything you like to your time capsule: love letters, tickets from concerts you’ve been to together, your personal vows, photos etc. Then you can set a date you’re going to open it all back up, maybe on your ten year anniversary.

Get your dog involved (No.1 elopement idea award!)

Yes, you can bring your dog to your elopement ceremony!

Maybe a little floral collar or ‘My Humans Eloped’ sign could be fun?

And did you know your dog can even ‘sign’ your marriage license in Colorado?!

Have a live musician for your ceremony

A singer, a violinist, a harpist, a guitarist…

Or, if you’re musically inclined yourself, you could play something for your partner as part of your ceremony.

What a way to add some romance to your elopement.

Including your kiddo is the sweetest elopement idea

This couple exchanged rings with each other but also gave their little daughter a wedding ring, too, as part of their ceremony. If your kiddo is a bit older, you could also share vows with them or ask them to give a little reading.

Include a reading from a favorite book/movie/poem

We think any little detail that brings your unique personalities to your elopement ceremony is a great special touch.

If there’s a line or passage from your favorite move that you always quote to each other, add it to your ceremony.

Have a complete stranger sign your marriage license!

If you’re eloping just the two of you, we always have so much fun finding someone to act as your witness. Like this awesome, old hippie who was just wandering around in the middle of NOWHERE Utah!



This is a very general elopement idea that applies to your whole day but especially to your ceremony.

Often with big, traditional weddings, the couple feels obliged to keep the ceremony short and sweet so the 100+ guests can get right to the celebration.

With an elopement, there is no such hurry. 

Take your time, go slow and soak in every little moment.

Elopement Ideas: Maximize The Celebrations 

YOU’RE MARRIED. Let’s celebrate the heck out of that! Remember, your elopement day is just as special and just as important as anybody else’s wedding day.

Have a first dance

So many couples don’t realize that it’s TOTALLY OK to include tradition in your elopement day.

Of course you can!

The only difference is that your dance floor might be a clifftop overlooking never-ending canyons or a snowy mountaintop with the surrounding peaks as your only audience.

Make a toast to each other with your favorite drink

Whether it be whisky, wine, champagne or a Diet Coke, be sure to mark this special moment in time.

Pop champagne!

Ohhh we LOVE a good champagne pop. It’s fun, decadent and makes for EPIC photos!

Shout WE’RE MARRIED at the top of your lungs!

Ok, this one’s only a good idea if you’ve chosen a super remote location.

But, if so, it’s so LIBERATING to be able to shout and celebrate as loud as you want on your wedding day!

Order custom ‘Just Married’ or ‘We Eloped’ signs

These look super cute if you’re donning backpacks for a hiking elopement. And they can be repurposed as a sweet souvenir in your home afterwards.

Play in nature!

You’ve done it, you’re MARRIED! Let all your cares go and just have FUN.

Jump in an alpine lake (in summer!)

If you’re finding all the emotion a bit overwhelming and hard to take in a refreshing plunge can bring you right back to the present moment! 

There are some BEAUTIFUL blue lakes in the Colorado mountains. One of the best parts of our jobs is scouting out new places and finding the perfect location for YOU.

Exchange gifts

It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but a thoughtful gift is a great way to make your elopement day special. 

It could be something you made yourself, something your partner’s had their eye on forever or a handwritten love note.

Start your honeymoon

If you’re traveling for your elopement, why not stay a few days longer and turn the trip into a combined honeymoon? 

Not only is it exciting, adventurous and romantic… It also saves on travel costs so, really, it’s just the smart, practical thing to do!

Plan a post-elopement reception

Just because you’ve chosen to elope and limit the number of people at your ceremony, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the heck out of your union back home with your loved ones! People WANT to recognize your marriage, they WANT to be involved.

You could have a full-blown wedding reception if that’s your thing, or simply book a table at your favorite restaurant and keep it casual and easygoing.

Get the epic photos

We’re pretty minimalist people. Our elopement photos are our single most treasured possession. 

Even though our day was small and relaxed, we were so caught up in the emotion of it all that it STILL whizzed by in a blur.

Those photos bring back everything: we laugh and cry every time we look at them.

All of our packages include not only photography but also planning assistance and fully personalized ceremony officiation.

Elopement Ideas: Unique Transportation

We’ve got some super fun ideas for your wedding day transport, whether it’s getting you to and from your ceremony or just as a fun activity to jazz up your elopement day.

Rent a Jeep and go off-roading

Get off the beaten track, away from the crowds, and find a truly secluded spot for your elopement ceremony.

Get a Jeep/Hummer/ATV guide

If you don’t have advanced driving skills, it’s a WAY better idea to hire a professional to get you to that crazy spot you’ve been eyeing on the map.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and soak it all in.

Find your head in the clouds with a hot air balloon ride

Imagine drifting over the red rocks of Sedona at sunrise: what a unique idea to make your elopement day as special as can be!

Charter a small boat

How about an elopement day sailing adventure around the San Juan islands off the Washington coast? Get out on the water, look out for whales and stop off at one of the small islands to share your vows.

Take a private helicopter or plane to your ceremony 

What a way to arrive in style!

Not only is chartering a helicopter super unique and special, but the views are insane AND it allows you to get to locations that can’t be reached by other modes of transport.

Get out on the water: go kayaking, rafting or stand-up-paddleboarding 

If you and your partner are water babies then incorporate that into your elopement day.

Go horse-riding at sunset

Enjoying a private horse ride as the sun disappears behind the mountains, sounds like a dreamy way to close out your elopement day to us.

Jump on a dog sled: who says no to elopement ideas involving dogs?!

This Alaskan helicopter ride combined with dog-sledding on a freaking GLACIER sounds totally epic! 

And you were worried your elopement wouldn’t be special enough!

Go snowshoeing or skiing

The best way you can make your elopement special is by including elements of YOU in it. So if you and your partner love to get out and play in the snow then incorporate that into your elopement adventure.

Rent a vintage sports car

Can you picture yourself road tripping down the Pacific Coast Highway, the sun shining and the wind in your hair?

Stop to share your vows in a romantic cliffside ceremony, and then drive off into the sunset.

Elopement Ideas: Unique Accommodation

We love finding unusual, quirky places to stay and we think your elopement is a time in your lives when you should indulge in somewhere special if it’s important to you. You only get one wedding night, y’know?

Go glamping in a cute yurt

How about this super-cool yurt just 45 minutes from the east entrance of Zion National Park? The night sky is incredible.

Camp in the backcountry

If total wilderness is more your thing, let’s gear up and head out into the backcountry.

We’ll happily design a multi-day elopement adventure for you and help you find a remote location to share your vows.

Rent an A-frame cabin in the woods

We’re in love with this A-frame in Colorado and think it would make for the perfect elopement getaway.

Star-gaze in a glass cabin

Check out these glass cabins in Iceland for the ultimate romance on your wedding night. 

Imagine lying in bed as newly weds, staring at the infinite night sky.

You might even catch the northern lights!

Stay in a homey Bed and Breakfast

We personally love the coziness of a B&B over a fancy hotel. We think it makes for a much more intimate, special elopement experience.

Travel back in time with an historic castle stay

While you CAN stay in something resembling a castle in the US, we’re a little biased with Vanessa originating from Scotland, and we’re really going to have to recommend a Scottish elopement if you want the real deal.

Check out our Ultimate Scotland Elopement Guide for all the details.

Rent a camper van

We’re all about road tripping for your elopement so you can see and do as much as possible. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the landscape. 

These vans from Moterra come with everything you need for an epic elopement adventure.

Go rustic at a ranch

‘Rustic’ doesn’t mean ‘roughing it’ as you’ll discover with a stay at the luxury Sorrel River Ranch in Moab, Utah.

Stay on a working vineyard: such a romantic elopement idea!

Did you know all 50 states in the US produce wine?

Immerse yourself in wine country by staying on site. It’s just the practical choice, right?!

Rent a houseboat

Imagine cruising around Lake Powell on the border of Arizona and Utah with 12 of your nearest and dearest for a super special elopement experience. You can hire a captain and even a private chef so no experience necessary.

We hope this epic list of elopement ideas gives you some inspiration and reassures you that you’ll have no problem at all making your elopement day special.

We truly believe you can make it MORE special than any other wedding as you have so much freedom and flexibility in the planning of it.

So DREAM BIG! Make your elopement the experience of a lifetime.

We’re a husband and wife team offering elopement planning, photography and ceremony officiation, with an optional video add-on.

We are local to Utah and Colorado, and travel back to Vanessa’s home country of Scotland every year.

If the desert and the mountains sing to you, and you want to share vows and nature’s finest backdrops, we would love to create an epic elopement experience for you!

Get in touch to start brainstorming with us…

Chad & Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’

Let’s do this thing!

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