North Cascades, Washington elopement. The couple cuddle together sitting on a wooden bench overlooking lush forest and misty mountains. They're a striking, alternative couple: he is in a brown suit and metallic bow tie, she has a crystal crown and jewelled headpiece.




You do NOT need to be Bear Grylls or capable of summiting Mount Everest to have and ENJOY an ‘adventure elopement’.

There’s a huge misconception around ‘adventure elopements’ that you have to have started visiting national parks while you while you were still in diapers. And that you HAVE to set off on a mammoth hike to consider yourself a legit adventurer.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s saddening to us that people feel they’re not ‘worthy’ of adventure just because pulling on hiking boots and a huge backpack and setting off into the wilds isn’t their thing.

So, let us make this really clear:

NO, you don’t have to hike to work with us!

YES, you can still get those killer views!

And YES, you can still have an epic adventure to remember!

We believe that the great outdoors is for everyone and that everyone is worthy of a grand, outdoor adventure.

For us, the outdoors is an incredible place of peace and inspiration and we want more and more people to find their place within it. ESPECIALLY at such an important time in your life as getting married. 

We don’t want anyone to feel excluded or unworthy because their way of enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t equate to someone else’s idea of ‘adventurous’.

‘Adventure’ is a totally personal concept and no one has the right to define what it means for YOU.

For some people, sure, ‘adventure’ is a multi day hike getting ‘lost’ in the back-country wilderness. 

But for others, it may be a more relaxed stroll around a nicely developed trail system. 

For others still, it might be a sight-seeing drive around a national park, stopping off at a gorgeous view point for a picnic.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the great outdoors: as long as you’re out there appreciating it and feeling great, you’re winning in our books.

Mountain elopement, Tennessee. The couple enjoy their first dance on a cliff with thick green forest behind.

We spend a lot of time traveling around the US in our renovated RV, checking out all the gorgeous public land the US has to offer. We’re constantly on the lookout for special spots for our couples. And we’re always adding more and more ACCESSIBLE spots to our list! We pride ourselves on finding special spaces for EVERYONE.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of the images on this page are taken in areas that require no more than a mile’s walk to get to. Some are literally just a stone’s throw away from the parking lot!

Isn’t it incredible that you can reach such stunning beaches, rugged mountains and lush forest WITHOUT a ten mile hike?!

So, if hiking isn’t for you, don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

Enjoying a first dance at their sunrise wedding, Austin lifts his bride up and spins her as she gently holds his face and looks into his eyes. The sun is just rising and turns the whole scene golden.
Adventure elopement in Moab, Utah. A bride and groom both with backpacks on cuddle up face to face with red rocks in the background.
Desert elopement. A couple run hand in hand down a sand dune, laughing and kicking up sand.
Olympic National Park elopement. At this Washington sunset elopement, the couple share a dance in the shallow waves, and the groom lifts his bride high in the air as the sun casts a pink glow on the scene.

There are a bazillion other ways to include adventure on your elopement day if hiking isn’t your thing.

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We would love to create an epic elopement experience for you! We provide planning assistance, photography and officiation for adventure-seeking couples across the US and worldwide. Get in touch to start brainstorming with us!

Chad & Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’

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