Not really sure if eloping is the right choice for you and your partner? We share a fun, free quiz to help you decide.

By Chad and Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’: with years of experience, we can help you decide ‘Should I Elope?’


Have you been asking yourself over and over: ‘Should I elope?’. Let’s figure it out together!

If you and your partner are considering an elopement there’s every chance you might be feeling a bit confused, a little torn trying to decide if it’s the right decision for you. ‘Should I elope?’ is not always an easy question to answer, we know. There are so many different factors to take into account and it’s totally normal to have conflicting feelings. That’s why we’ve designed a simple, fun quiz to help you and your partner decipher your thoughts and decide if an elopement really is the best choice for you, or if actually you’d rather have the big wedding after all.

We passionately believe in elopements! And perhaps you do, too? Maybe you don’t want to spend $35k+ on a big wedding, maybe you don’t want 100 sets of eyes on you, maybe you want an experience rather than a grand party for everyone else…. Or maybe you really DO want a big wedding, but are struggling to figure out how to make it happen, and are considering eloping as a ‘second best’. We don’t want couples to elope for the wrong reasons or to come into an elopement feeling hesitant. We want everyone to find the wedding style that is right for THEM!

We’ve designed this simple, fun quiz to help you and your partner come to a confident decision: is eloping the best choice for YOU? You’ll answer a series of questions to help gain insight on what you really value in your life, in your relationship and in your potential wedding day. Is privacy important to you? Do you like the idea of total intimacy as you share your vows? Or is it more important for your loved ones to witness those words, too?

Grab a coffee/beer/wine/beverage of choice, find a quiet space where you feel relaxed and inspired and then try to answer these questions as honestly as you can. Listen to your own feelings, pay attention to your instincts and try NOT to give the answer that is ‘expected’ of you. Because, ultimately, when it comes to the question of should I elope, nobody else’s opinion matters except you and your future spouse’s.

Each of you should answer these questions separately and should resist discussing your answers until the end: it’s important you both feel free to figure out your own true feelings.

Should I Elope?

Answer 12 fun questions to discover if eloping is the right choice for YOU.



Hopefully you and your partner have completed the ‘Should I Elope?’ quiz and have come to the same conclusion: that would certainly make things simple.

But perhaps you haven’t, and that’s OK too! If you have quite contrasting results, we would suggest trying your best to find a balance. We all know marriage is about compromise, after all. For example, maybe you could agree on a micro wedding, or maybe you’d like to spend part of your day with guests but have part of the day just the two of you. You could also agree to share private vows with no one else around, and just share traditional ones in a bigger ceremony! There’s plenty of ways to find balance.

We know figuring out if you should elope is HARD. We hope this quiz has helped give you clarity of thought and you can now confidently say whether an elopement is the right choice for you and your partner.

If you ARE opting for an elopement here’s our best advice to make sure you never regret it. And if you’re worried about how to tell people you’re eloping, you might find this useful: How To Announce Your Elopement.

And if your answer to ‘Should I elope?’ was a resounding HECK YES, then reach out: we’d LOVE to help make it happen for you!

We would love to create an epic elopement experience for you!

We provide planning assistance, photography, ceremony officiation and optional videography for adventure-seeking couples across the US and worldwide.

Get in touch to start brainstorming with us!

Chad & Vanessa, ‘The Outlovers’

Let’s do this thing!

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