Brittany, Gabe, Tatum & Mark



Goodness, this was an adventure for the books!

A little bit of backstory first….

Tatum and Brittany are best friends from, like, the day they were born. There was never a question that they would one day be in each other’s weddings. 

A year ago, half of that plan came to life as Brittany stood by Tatum’s side as she married the love of her life, Mark. 

And in 2020, the other half of that plan was all set to be put into action, as Gabe proposed to Brittany and they planned a big wedding celebration back in their home state.

And then, s*it hit the fan. One word: COVID. 

It became apparent that Tatum would not be able to attend Brittany’s wedding.

As you can imagine, this was utterly heartbreaking for both girls.

So, when the time came around for Brittany and Gabe’s engagement adventure session with us, it only made sense that they brought Mark and Tatum along for the ride, too! So at least the girls could share this wedding-ish adventure together.

Everyone had such a blast!

We met at the trailhead at 4am to hike 3 miles up to a stunning alpine lake, just in time for the sun to creep above the horizon and turn the rocks pink in an amazing show of ‘alpen glow’. The four close friends then spent a few hours exploring the lake, enjoying sunrise beers (damn right they did!), cooking up a breakfast feast, scoffing donuts and champagne (told you it was fun!) and generally having a giggle together.

We even got some cool shots of Tatum and Mark in their climbing gear! (there were plans to actually go climbing but rain came in and would have made it dangerous).

We’re so happy these four awesome friends manage to share this time together and create some epic, lifelong memories.

And we wish Brittany and Gabe the absolute best for their wedding day. COVID be damned!

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