Kayaking wedding. A couple row across a lake to a tiny private island.


With Sara & Kevin



It’s such a weird and unlikely story how we initially met Sara and Kevin….

Sara had posted in a wedding planning community that she had found her dream second-hand wedding dress… BUT it was in South Africa and the shipping to the US was extortionate. 

Well! We just so happened to be in South Africa at the time: and, as fate would have it, in the EXACT suburb the dress was in. So we collected the dress and hand delivered it to Sarah in Colorado! It was such a joy to be able to help out.

Like so many couples in 2020, Sara and Kevin were really put to the test trying to have the wedding of their dreams. They were forced to pivot and re-plan (multiple times!) and saw their original vision morph into something entirely different.

They’re wonderful, go-with-the-flow people and so, of course, ended up having an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding day in Denver. However, it was an understandably challenging time so, to help compensate for the stress of wedding planning in ‘the age of COVID’, Sara and Kevin decided to treat themselves to a full day adventure session with us in one of their favorite places: Grand Tetons, Wyoming.

They drove up to the Jackson area and spent a few days just relaxing together and reveling in their newly married bliss. They hung out in their super-cool converted van, hiked around the beautiful lakes of Grand Tetons National Park, kayaked out to a teeny private island, watched the stars… And quietly, peacefully re-shared their personal, handwritten wedding vows in the wild.

Afterwards, Sara and Kevin told us that their adventure experience actually felt like a whole other second wedding day to them which absolutely melted our hearts. THAT’S why we do this.

Sarah and Kevin: it was SUCH a privilege to share this time with you both. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and we can’t wait to adventure with you again soon.

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