Moab, where the wild ones wed

Moab is a truly special corner of the Utah desert that just exudes wild romance. And, as your local Moab elopement photographers, we can’t wait to share it with you!

From the moment you arrive, it feels like you’ve entered into another world; a world full of adventure, mystery and discovery.

And that’s what you’re looking for when you choose to elope, right? Something DIFFERENT.

There’s something about the vastness of the canyons, the grandeur of the arches and the openness of the sky that sets your soul on fire.

It’s truly magical to celebrate your love against such a backdrop: a love so great that even the magnitude of the desert seems to pale in comparison.

Your local Moab elopement photographers

We’re Vanessa and Chad, ‘The Outlovers’, and as locals to the area we’d love to be your Moab elopement photographers.

When we first visited Moab a few years back it stole our hearts: so much so that we moved to the area! And we’re pretty sure it’s going to steal your’s, too. Once that red dirt gets into your soul (and in your hair, under your nails and everywhere else!), there’s no resisting its pull.

We live and breathe for desert adventures and know allllllll the best spots for your elopement. Whether you want to hike to a soaring arch at sunrise, off-road to an epic desert pass with 360 degree views for sunset, or light up a fire and stargaze after dark, we know just the spot.

Better yet? We know how to get the killer views WITHOUT all the tourists. We’re not just going to take you to the latest Instagram hotspot: in fact, we’re going to distinctly avoid that. We’re going to take you to all the lesser-known hidden gems that we’ve found after years of exploring.

"When the big day finally came and we met Vanessa and Chad in person, we were immediately greeted with warm hugs. Ryan and I didn't really know what to expect going into this. We've never gotten our pictures professionally done before, and to be honest we were a little nervous and worried we were going to be awkward. But Vanessa and Chad truly made us feel so comfortable, and it felt like we were just spending the day with two great friends who happened to be taking our pictures."
Victoria and Ryan

Better yet, we’re not JUST your Moab elopement photographers!

We know that planning even a small wedding – especially from out of state – can feel totally overwhelming.

You chose to elope because you wanted simple, but when your wedding day is a totally blank slate, where do you even start?!

Don’t worry! We’re going to help you figure it all out: from securing permits, to fine tuning locations, to hiring local vendors, to pinpointing timing, to planning fun activities… We’re going to help put together the day of YOUR elopement dreams.

We also include complimentary personalized ceremony officiation in all our packages, as well as an optional video add-on.

Adventure awaits in Moab

No matter your personal ‘adventure level’ you’re going to find super cool activities to enjoy when you elope in Moab.

Maybe you want to go on a professionally guided off-roading tour? Or go horse-riding beneath the La Sal mountains? Or take a private plane ride out to a remote canyon to touch down in time for sunset? Or maybe you simply want to drive up to a beautiful lookout and soak it all in?

It’s ALL possible.

As your Moab elopement photographers, we’re going to help you line all this up: we know the companies to work with and how best to fit certain activities into your day.

"Eloping with 'The Outlovers', may be one of the very best decisions we have ever made. Last minute we decided to elope in Utah. Vanessa and Chad’s guidance was invaluable, including zoom meetings, helpful emails, and advice along the way. we were able to plan the wedding we didn’t know we dreamed of in just three weeks time, a true testament to the organization, guidance, professionalism, and creative nature of The Outlovers. 
Meredith and Domenic

Eloping in Moab 101


Anytime except summer! Summer is stinking hot. Spring and Fall are both gorgeous, but Winter is also super fun if you don’t mind braving the cold. We also always recommend a weekday to avoid crowds.


We love Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park but, honestly? Our FAVORITE spots are all outside of the main parks. We’re not going to share precise spots here as we don’t want to contribute to the problem of wild places becoming overrun, but if you work with us as your Moab elopement photographers we’ll send you a location list of ALL the best places to choose from.


These will vary by location, from free to around $300. As your Moab elopement photographers, we’ll walk you through the process. In fact, we’ll fill in all the forms for you, ready to submit!

Want to know more?

Want to know more about eloping in Moab?

So what does having us as your Moab elopement photographers really look like??

Let’s just say, daaaaaaaaaamn the desert looks good on you!