The couple relax bacb to back on a rock during their anniversary hiking adventure.


With Katie & Nathan



Katie and Nathan are huge outdoors lovers so, when they told us that, for their anniversary, they were desperate to get their wedding clothes back on and capture some awesome adventure shots in the wilds of North Carolina, we were over the moon. 

The mountains and forest around the Asheville area are so spectacular and provide the perfect backdrop for those epic ‘lost in the landscape’ couples’ shots we so adore.

We planned a split full-day sunrise AND sunset session to really get the most out of the day: with hiking, a picnic, re-sharing of wedding vows…. And, of course, a little nap in between! 

We love that Katie brought her HUGE poofy wedding dress with her: all packed into a 65L backpack! It looked as elegant as can be against the dramatic backdrop of the North Carolina mountains. 

And we think it’s brilliant that she just laughed and demanded we snap a pic of it when her train got caught on the thorns and tore off in shreds! 

Her attitude was ‘I want as much damn use out of this fancy dress as possible, it deserves an adventure’! How cool is that?!

She also brought a cute little white dress to hike in which was super smart: cute AND functional.

Truthfully, full day sessions like this are our absolute favorite: they allow for such a fun, relaxed experience with no need to rush and try to cram photos in. 

We really want our couples to be able to enjoy themselves and never feel pressured or hurried. 

These days are NOT one monster photoshoot either, don’t worry: they’re exciting, adventure-packed ‘hanging out with your love’ kinda days.

You just happen to get kick-ass photos to remember it all with.

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