Sunrise wedding. The couple snuggle up with a blanket wrapped around to watch the sunrise over the mountains as they prepare to share their vows.


Have a read through our FAQ and for more detailed information and a ton of free planning advice, check out our blog!

And, please, please, please GET IN TOUCH and ask us anything you like. We can hop on a call if you’re a ‘talk it through’ person!

Oooft, BIG question!
Essentially an elopement is a very positive, liberating term, referring to a small wedding with a strong focus on the couple and THEIR needs and wants for the day.
We’ve written a super detailed blog post if you’d like a fuller explanation.

100000000% YES.
We’re sorry that this even has to be asked.
Oh, and if you don’t support ALL couples and ALL love, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Oh, heck yeah!
While we are NOT official wedding planners, we do take on a lot of the tasks involved with planning your elopement.
We’re going to send you a super-thorough guide to assist you through the whole process and we’re going to be on hand throughout to assist.
Whether it’s choosing your outdoor wedding attire, figuring out permitting requirements, choosing accommodation, thinking of fun activities or drawing up a day-of timeline… We got you covered!
Just be aware that, while we will help you find everything you need, we cannot take care of the actually booking of travel/accommodation/activities etc.
On your elopement day itself, we will be there to ‘guide’ you: we are NOT official outdoor guides but we will be making sure the day runs smoothly so you can relax and just get lost in the moment.
It’s the beauty of having two of us with you: you really won’t have to stress about a thing.
We find that most of our couples do not need a separate wedding planner due to the extensive support we provide. Unless you wanted something super complex and fancy! Then yeah, book a dedicated pro for that.
And if you want to do some cool, extreme activities – rafting, major off-roading, rock-climbing etc. – then ABSOLUTELY we’ll have you book a local, certified expert guide!

Eloping is NOT a dirty little secret and it DOESN’T mean you don’t care about anyone else.
If you’d like to bring your absolute favorites along, please do!
We work with groups of up to 20 guests. And unlimited canine guests of honor!
The only thing we’d really suggest is that you factor in at least some time just for the two of you: THAT’S when it all really sinks in!
We can do a sunrise first look, a post-ceremony mini-hike, or even a day-after adventure.

This can be challenging to navigate and we know it can feel upsetting.
We DO think there are several steps you can take to minimize any hurt feelings: simple things such as asking them to write you letters to read on the day can really help them to feel involved.
The reality is that it’s impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.
So, either you don’t invite them and they’re temporarily hurt OR you do invite them and you forever have the memories of a wedding day that wasn’t exactly what you wanted.
If every there’s a time to prioritize your own needs, we think this is it!
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We know your pup is like family, and we’re super happy for them to join the celebrations.
Just let us know in advance so we can choose a dog-friendly location for you.

Unless you’re a professional model, then OF COURSE you’re awkward in photos.
Who isn’t?!
But the great thing? We’re pros at working with said ‘awkward’ couples.
Everything you see on our website and Instagram is an image of a REAL couple in a REAL moment.
We’ll be right there, giving you guidance and encouragement – we’ll never leave you feeling lost and not knowing what to do – but we’re also not going to ask you to strike a horrible, unnatural pose.
That’s not our style!
We’re much more about creating a super-relaxed, safe-feeling environment where you and your partner feel at ease and free to be yourselves.

Our minimum package is 4hrs and there’s a reason for that.
We simply don’t believe in ‘just a quick ceremony and a few photos’.
This is your WEDDING DAY! Just like anybody else’s.
The fact that you’re foregoing the traditional wedding and choosing to elope instead does NOT make your day any lesser or less deserving of full, thorough coverage.
Honestly, our favorite thing is when our couples choose to book us for a full day.
Not only does it mean we capture all the incredible moments that make up your entire elopement experience, but it also allows the two of you to relax and take your time, there’s no hurry and no pressure, leaving room for relaxation and spontaneity.

Who wants to spend their entire wedding day posing?!
We’re pretty sure you’d rather spend it adventuring, having fun, making memories and reveling in your love.
So, yes, there will be some dedicated time to capturing those gorgeous images with insane backdrops we know you’re after. And there’ll also be a ton of more ‘candid’ shots.
But we also know when to just let you ‘be’. So, we’ll be sure to step back, give you space and allow you and your love to just LIVE your wedding day.  
You can learn more about our photography style on our ‘Get To Know Us’ page.

The beauty of an elopement is that you get to CHOOSE what stays and what goes.
If there are elements of a traditional wedding that ring true to you, that you find meaning in, then of course you should include them in your elopement.
Whether it’s a first dance, someone walking you don’t the ‘aisle’ or a cake cutting you just let us know and we’ll be sure to find a fun way to incorporate it into your day. 
We eloped ourselves and found balancing traditional and non-traditional elements was really important to us. You can read more planning tips from our own experience here.

100% YES!
We think it’s super important to really slow down time and bring a focus to the moment you share your vows and commit your lives to each other.
Vanessa is a registered officiant and will lead a complimentary, custom ceremony should you want one, reflective of your beliefs and feelings towards marriage. 

Simple answer, WE’LL HELP YOU!
It’s kinda like our superpower.
By asking just the right questions and really listening to your answers, we’ll draw up a list of 5-10 dreamy locations just for you.
Then you pick your favorite!
It might be somewhere you’ve already been, somewhere you’ve been dreaming of forever… Or somewhere you’ve never even heard of before.
We have literally ENDLESS ideas to share with you and helping you find your perfect location is one of our favorite parts of the job.

For contractual reasons, we will need to know a very rough location but we can fine tune and pinpoint it closer to the time.
And if you change your mind completely, and Colorado becomes Patagonia or Utah becomes Scotland, don’t worry: we can adapt for that no problem!
We WILL, however, need to know your date when you book so we can reserve it for you and make our travel plans.

How cool is that?
Seriously though, that’s kind of the point of choosing to elope. You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs or expectations: you can plan a day around you and your partner and all the things that make you happy.
You could hike, set off on a road trip, go snowshoeing, relax in a super cute Airbnb, bathe in a natural hot spring, go off-roading, explore a national park, travel to a new country, go on safari, go on a helicopter tour….
Heck, jump out of a plane if you want to!
Spend some time daydreaming with your partner. What’s on your bucket list? What makes you smile? What’s your favorite way to spend time together?
Check out this blog post for 80 epic elopement ideas!

‘Adventure elopements’ have become synonymous with ‘hiking elopements’ when, actually, they’re NOT the same thing.
Sure, an adventure elopement CAN involve hiking but it doesn’t HAVE to.
Hiking is not everyone’s vibe and that’s cool: whatever ‘adventure’ means to you, we’re in!
And don’t worry, you can 10000% get those stunning natural landscape views without a trek. 
We’ve written this short blog post to show you the kind of stunning views you can get WITHOUT hiking.

Well, $100 will get you an Uber to your local registry office.
BUT that’s not what we’re all about!
We’re about a fulfilling, memorable elopement EXPERIENCE.
Investing your money in memories rather than ‘stuff’.
Check out this blog post on elopement costs for some really detailed sample budgets from $5000 to $25000!

If you’re doing it right, YES!
Your dress – if that’s what you’re choosing to wear – is going to be a physical manifestation of all the FUN you’ve had adventuring on your wedding day.
Dirt, leaves, twigs, water, sand…. They all just LOVE to hang out with the bottom layers of your gown.
And we think that’s fabulous.
If you’re going to wear that dress one time only, then wear the HECK out of it!

If you want to be, YES!
This is a legitimate, legal wedding like any other.
However, in some situations, we may advise that you do the legal part either before or after your elopement day, just for easier logistics.
Don’t worry, we did this for our own elopement and it doesn’t detract from the day AT ALL.
The real marriage begins the moment you share your vows not when you sign a bit of paper!

It depends where you get married.
Colorado, for example, is a ‘self-solemnizing’ state – meaning you declare your own marriage – and you don’t need anyone present but your lovely selves (and your dog can legally paw-print your marriage license if you want!).
In other states or countries, you may need one or two witnesses.
Don’t worry! If Vanessa if acting as your officiant, Chad can be your first witness and we always find another willing hiker or adventurer to be the other!

‘Bad’ weather means different things to different people.
For some, rain is the worst thing ever, for others it’s moody and romantic.
Some people adore the snow, others hate it.
So, the first thing we’re going to do is find out what kind of weather you would LIKE in an ideal world on your elopement day. And we’ll choose your location partly based on that.
If you HATE intense sun, we’re not going to take you to the desert in August!
Beyond that, we find being prepared makes a huge difference.
So, we’ll make sure you’ve got all the right clothing and gear for the weather we anticipate.
And then, as long as it’s safe, we get out there and adventure come rain or shine! Embracing what the elements throw at you is all part of the fun on your elopement day.
Of course, if the weather is anything like unsafe we will absolutely adapt our plans: either turning to a back-up location (we always have a Plan B, C and D!) or adjusting the day/time if all our schedules allow.

We typically deliver 30-50 photos per hour we spend together: so, an 8hr elopement experience might provide you with 240-500 photos.
It all depends how the day is unfolding and how you’re choosing to spend your time!
We don’t want to force you to be in front of the camera every minute of the day just so we can hit some crazy ‘target number’ of photos.
Trust us, all the special moments will be captured!

Sorry but no.
It’s not that we have anything against big weddings, they’re just not our THING.
And we believe the best way to do justice to our couples if to focus on what we’re passionate about.
And that’s super small weddings and elopements!

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