With Crystal & Rashid



This adventure was the stuff dreams are made of.

The sweetest couple, the most epic views and sunset pizza and beers: what’s not to love?!

Crystal and Rashid traveled all the way from Texas for a two-week road trip adventure around Colorado and Utah. We were psyched to meet them in our favorite place on earth, Moab.

Since it was the height of summer and temps were soaring high, we decided to split their full day adventure into two parts: sunrise at Arches National Park and sunset at Canyonlands. With a lazy afternoon nap in between, of course!

Knowing we wanted to avoid the summer crowds, we met super-early at the entrance to Arches NP and made our way out to the Devil’s Garden Trail in the dark. We donned our backpacks and headlamps and hiked the two miles out to one of our favorite secluded arches, stopping off for a few night-time shots on the way. We LOVE this particular arch as it looks right out to the east so essentially frames the sunrise. Gorgeous!

We so enjoyed watching Crystal and Rashid’s faces stare in disbelief as the park came alive around them: having walked up in the dark they had NO IDEA just how beautiful it all was until the light started to crack and the weird shapes of arches and ‘fins’ (long ridges of red rock) started to morph right in front of them. SO COOL!

Crystal and Rashid thrive on exploration and adventure, so we spent the next couple of hours scrambling over the rocks and getting amongst it all. Crystal was such a trooper stomping around in her beautiful, flowing dress and looked like a badass goddess!

Some of our favorite photos are what we refer to as ‘lost in the landscape’: photos so vast that the couple seems embraced by nature. Those red fins sure did the trick!

As the sun strengthened and the crowds increased, we decided to part ways for the afternoon and join forces again later in the day.

We chose Canyonlands for the evening as it’s so different to Arches and truly breathtaking towards sunset: the views seem infinite, with deep canyons carving out the landscape as far as the eye can see. It’s hauntingly romantic.

We had a blast driving around the whole Island in the Sky region, hopping out every time we saw something interesting (basically every five minutes). 

Crystal and Rashid rounded up a dream day with pizza and beers on the edge of a canyon watching the sun disappear beyond the horizon. Our kind of couple.

Seriously, does life get better?

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